CLINTON — A former Ashford University employee has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $62,000 and has been sentenced to five years on probation and ordered to repay what she took.

Stacy Lynn Powers, 28, of Camanche, pleaded guilty April 4 to one count of first-degree theft.

During a sentencing hearing in Clinton County District Court, District Judge Gary McKenrick ordered Powers to serve five years on probation. While on probation, she is ordered to make restitution of $62,188.08, obtain the appropriate mental health treatment, and perform 500 hours of unpaid community service.

McKenrick also gave Powers a deferred judgment, which under Iowa law means if she completes her probation satisfactorily the conviction will be dropped from her criminal record.

First-degree theft is a Class C felony under Iowa law that can carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Powers worked as the university’s student development and activities coordinator from August 2008 until April 27, 2012, when she was placed on administrative leave, according to court records.

Her job at Ashford included oversight of the Student Government Association account, according to court records.

An Ashford official told Clinton police that between Jan. 2, 2009, and April 26, 2012, Powers made unauthorized cash withdrawals and debit card purchases for her personal use.

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The eyebrows are freaking me out.


I knew her she was an awesome person she strived to provide us with everything we needed and to provide the school with excellent service. She had a great attitude, though she did something terribly wrong, I still think of her in the same way. I imagine she did this for a reason maybe due to the fact that she was in a financial rut and undergoing some personal family issues. I believe her sentence was fair, considering we have politicians who get away worse, a horrible drug and crime problem, and american youth who are raised with no respect, values, or consideration for others, the it's all about me generation.


I know this person also and know she is a good person, despite the terrible thing she did. We all make mistakes and many times wish we could take it back ...which I'm sure she does. This has caused extreme stress on her family and has caused much embarassment and humiliation to all of them. Despite what people think, she does have serious consequences and much to pay back before she will ever have any kind of "normalcy" back in her life. We all make mistakes and many times wish we could go back and change them ...which I'm sure she does. She understands how serious her mistake is, has suffered and will suffer as I know some want her to. The sentencing is done...time for her to pay the consequences and the rest of us to move on.


Candy, almost every business in America is somehow or someway subsidized by the federal government so your case could be made for any business. If you dug deep enough you could prove your point for any employee of any business, but then everyone would be tried in federal court.


The point of my post was that if the funds she stolen were funds that student used originated from Us government funds by US taxpayer then her crime could have been tried in federal court not state court. The federal government would have at least had her serve some prison time.


It's not up to the County Attorney or the state to determine whether a case is tried in state or federal court. Federal prosecutors have the discretion whether or not to file federal charges. In this case, they declined to do so.


I wish I was smart enough to draw the parallel between a dishonest employee and the quality of the education at Ashford University like some of the comments indicate. Also I was unaware that Ashford students were the only college students that received pell grants and student loans.


Judge Gary Mc Kenrick is a man who sleeps through trials and is one of the most dishonest judges on the bench.


She's well known and liked in the community, this was pure shock to everyone. Also used to a lifestyle that they obviously couldn't afford, sad there's only a slap on the hand, but probably used to little accountabity. Shows what you can get away with in a small town.


Clinton DA's dropped the ball with their role on this crime. Why wasn't this crime referred to the Fed's for federal court. Many of the funds she embezzled probably originated from federal funds, such as Pell grants / or student loans the paid Ashford and gave student's money to fund the events that she oversaw and protected. A very simple investigation could have investigated the funds sources that actually provided the money. DISGUSTING!
I agree with Family Man , white collar or blue collar crime. Of course she deserves a second chance, but really 5 years probation, debt repaid , and the crime will disappear. If I was her parents or family I would get a load or use my funds to pay off the theft and wait 5 years and have her relocate. Oh what money can buy!!!!


She has the crazy eyes. No thanks.

Family man

Five years on probation for $62,000 dollars, but two kids who robbed a convenience store last week for some cigarettes are facing. 25 years with an 85% mandatory. WTF?!?!


I agree she should do some time, but those kids used a weapon. Any time you pull out a weapon while robbing you get a forcible felony. Those kids and this woman should all be in prison.

pta mom

Integrity Travel should get 2 1/2 times this sentence.


Whatever happened to Ashford's problems with North Central Accreditation?

I suspect that it will be pulled sooner rather than later.


Good job Powers 62k is nothing compared to the money these fraudulent supposed higher learning institutions steal from the public daily. Someone do a study on the students that pay big money and run up huge debt and in the end their education is laughable and meaningless. Of course Grassley takes a lot of money from these institutions and he will always protect them thus the public is left holding the bag.

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