A couple face charges in the Sept. 24 death of their 13-month-old daughter, who authorities say died after being exposed to methadone.

Spencer James Smith, 24, of Clinton is charged with felony child endangerment/death following a months-long investigation.

He was in the Scott County Jail on Tuesday on $1 million bond after being arrested Monday night at the Residential Correctional Facility in Davenport.

An active warrant was issued Tuesday for Precious Bailey, the 25-year-old mother of the baby. Lauran Haldeman, Bettendorf''s public information officer, said anyone with information concerning Bailey’s whereabouts is asked to call the Bettendorf Police Department at 563-344-4023.

Bailey had been posting status updates on her Facebook account Tuesday afternoon until she deactivated it about 4:30 p.m.

An update a month ago stated that Bailey missed her daughter.

Bettendorf Police Chief Phil Redington confirmed the infant's name as Marlee Lynn Tracy.

Redington also said Bailey no longer lives at 2625 Hawthorne Drive, Bettendorf, where she was living with her daughter in September.

He said his department worked with Clinton police and medical officials throughout the investigation.

Medical tests revealed the infant ingested an acute dose of methadone, reports state. Additional medical tests revealed the victim also had been exposed to methamphetamine.

According to court records:

The parents took the infant to Mercy Medical Center in Clinton about 6:30 p.m. Sept. 21. The infant was unresponsive and having trouble breathing.

The child was sent to University Hospitals, Iowa City, where she died three days later from complications from ingesting methadone.

Bailey had been prescribed methadone during substance abuse treatment. The methadone was dispensed in single-dose bottles with a safety lid and tamper-proof seal. The methadone was required to be kept in a lock box.

Bailey had been caring for the baby at 2625 Hawthorne Drive, Bettendorf, on Sept. 21 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Smith had made plans with Bailey to take the infant to Clinton for a visit.

Bailey told police she mixed a dose of methadone in a bottle of Gatorade during her preparations to go to Clinton. She said her daughter normally drank "juice" like Gatorade but would drink only out of a baby bottle or sippy cup if assisted by an adult.

On Sept. 21 between 1 and 3 p.m., Smith and another person picked up Bailey and the infant from the Hawthorne Drive address.

At 3:15 p.m., Bailey and the infant were seen by a witness at a Walgreen's in Davenport. The witness told police the infant appeared "lethargic" and could hear the child "struggling to breathe."

Bailey purchased precursors to manufacture methamphetamine at Walgreen's. The associate later told police that Smith also was inside Walgreen's.

At 4:12 p.m. another witness saw Smith, Bailey and the infant as they were checking into a hotel in Clinton. That witness also said the victim appeared "lethargic" and was having trouble breathing.

Both Smith and Bailey told police that Bailey stayed with the child in the hotel room while Smith went out to pick up baby supplies.

Bailey told police she discovered the child unresponsive and saw the child's lips were blue while Smith was away from the hotel room.

Bailey called Smith to report the child's condition. A record of the phone call could not be found during the investigation. Smith and Bailey did not attempt to call 911.

Smith's associate sent him a text message requesting him to pick up additional precursors to make methamphetamine.

Smith and Bailey deprived the infant of health care for at least three hours while the victim was showing signs of being in respiratory distress.

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Poor little girl never had a chance. With two utter losers like that for parents, she needed a miracle.


May God Bless you little Marlee.....


She needs to be found. Too bad she fled the state. She is just as responsible in this as he is


she can run but she can't hide best thing for her to do is turn herself in and she is just as resposible if not more


There is an active warrant out for the mother. They haven't been able to find her yet. They are asking for any info on her whereabouts. I do agree that it is the parents responsibility and not these "eyewitnesses" but as a mother myself if I saw a child in distress I would do something.


I'm posting this link on various sites to keep it going viral. At first Ithought " if I witnessed this myself I wouldn't hesitate to call 911" but a point was brought to my attn that maybe the witnesses thought the baby had some kind of respitory viras hense the hard breathing and they saw the parents buying medication and just figured the household was sick hense the pseudophedrine they purchased. It is possible. I just hope they find her


You wouldn't give a baby that kind of medicine period especially pills so no thats not possible.


Didn't read the last part of your comment so I apologize but it doesn't matter what anyone saw. They knew for hours there daughter wasnt right and could of done something then. She wouldn't be running if she was innocent and her family wouldn't be trying to hide her as family have stated on Facebook


I bet they are hiding her OUT OF STATE I presume if she is innocent then why not turn herself in I agree with Intheknow563 isn't that call insabordination?? Sorry about the spelling!!!!!!!!!!!


Blame could be placed in a million places. What it boils down to, is two people, obviously not fit to care for a child, acting recklessly. I would hate to have that resting on my shoulders for the rest of my life, in prison or out. Rest in peace angel baby, your community mourns for you.


The article doesn't explain at all why the father is charged and the mother is not. I assume the mother is testifying against him??


How come these witnesses didn't call 911? So sad when a situation like this could have been avoided.


How come these two adults weren't responsible enough (other than there apparent drug additions) to take care of their own child? That seems to be a more appropriate question than relying on others to take proper medical care of their child. This "mother" should be in prison as well. My heart goes out to the soul of child, but not the two murderers she was born too.

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