Authorities say an inmate with a history of escaping from work release has done it again.

Roger Romero Clayton, 36, an inmate at the Davenport Residential Re-entry Center, was at his job site Friday when he left and didn’t return, Jim Wayne, regional director Iowa Department of Corrections, said Tuesday.

Clayton worked at the Interstate 80 truck wash in Walcott, Iowa. Iowa inmates can finish out their prison sentences in a work release program.

Clayton was sentenced in 2006 to 20 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of going armed with intent and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. He first was released to a halfway house in February 2012. After an escape attempt, he returned to prison in April 2012, Wayne said.

He was living back at the halfway house at 605 N. Main St., Davenport, when he escaped Friday from his job and was still on escape status as of 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Wayne said Clayton is not an “immediate threat” but still considered dangerous.

“Obviously, he wasn’t in prison for being a good boy,” Wayne said.

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Run rabbit Run


The state forces people in the halfway houses even when they don't want to go. It's legalized pimping. They make them work and take there money.. Who would want that? I would've ran too! Who wants to work making 500 a week and only getting 50 a week from your own paycheck? I'M NOT A FELON or never been to prison, but if you don't give everyone a chance then how can you expect someone to stay out of prison? A lot of people try to change there life when they get out of prison, but people OBVIOUSLY make it hard for them. Not giving them a job is NOT the answer. If nobody gives them a job, don't get mad when they rob you. People complain that there are too many people living off the state, well.. EMPLOY these people and the state wouldn't have to pay. You must look at the WHOLE situation.

senor citizen

This is why I personally quit hiring these guys and drug rehabbers about 20 years ago. I don't know the answer, but they are just another problem the state is trying to shed itself of.


So today a 20 year prison sentence only equates to 6 years in prison followed by a release to a halfway house. What a joke! Why hand out these lengthly sentences if the criminals don't have to serve them out in their entirely.


Skip a DOO


Run Roger Run!

Big Daddy

Bullets are cheap. Just saying. :-)


How many chances has this guy had? He is known to escape, but yet he continues to be given the opportunity to repeat himself. Whose fault is that???? Duh

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