A 50-year-old Davenport woman who police say bought pseudoephedrine for her son so he could make meth now is charged with exposing her grandchildren to the drugs.

Deanna Sue Dipple, who lived in the 1800 block of Calvin Street, was in the Scott County Jail Tuesday charged with possession of pseudoephedrine with the intent to deliver, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and child endangerment, meth exposure, all felonies.

Her 31-year-old son, Michael A. Keck, also of the Calvin Street address, was arrested in August on felony meth manufacturing charges following a traffic stop and a follow-up police search of the Calvin Street home.

Keck admitted he cooks meth using the “one-pot” method, and police found fuel, coffee filters, acids, lye, a hydrochloric acid generator and several containers containing meth “sludge” in the home, an arrest affidavit states.

Police also found a 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition in Keck’s bedroom, the affidavit states.

At the time, Keck also was charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment. His affidavit states that his pregnant wife and three juvenile children were present during the search of his home.

Dipple, who had her first appearance Tuesday in Scott County District Court, Davenport, after she was arrested Friday, also was watching the children during the search, according to her affidavit.

The three children were tested, and two of them tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine in their system, resulting in the felony child endangerment charge against Dipple, her affidavit states.

The Iowa Department of Human Services was notified about the drug tests on the children, the affidavit states.

Racheal Ann Keck, the children’s 28-year-old mother, is charged with controlled substance violation, possession of pseudoephedrine, possession of lithium and conspiracy, all felonies, as well as misdemeanor child endangerment.

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Meth Maggots do not care about there family kids pets only there god meth how can the Davenport Police let this go on non stop for not one but two years make you wonder


These meth maggots have be around for how long and the Dpd just let's them do what they want .its business as usual in the armpit


It doesn't matter what kind of life this/these girl/girls (I'm not calling them women) have had , straight up selfishness and ignorance on all adults parts because they are all old enough to know better but don't care. I bet they care now (about themselves) and to stick up for this kind of behavior is making one wonder if they are birds with a feather - I don't care what kind of life a person has had / there is just No excuse for endangering childrens' lives


If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You don't know her life. What makes it okay for you to judge her if you don't even know the whole story? Stay classy Davenport.


And iI suppose your meth head friends are classy........If thats the case, maybe we should all pick up on their good habits. You stay in your world of denial there hanna....oh yeah, and stay classy.


All my meth head friends? When I get some I'll let you know. I agree that what the paper is saying Micheal and her did is wrong, but is it all completely 100% accurate? Probably not. I'm sorry that you're soo upset that I'm stating an opinion you don't like, but I can say what I want. I'm not in denial and I don't do drugs. You shouldn't let yourself get soo worked up in other peoples problems bro.


You're right, most people don't know her life, but the story sure speak for itself! You can down play it or pity her all you want, classy one, but she is still wrong for doing this. AND in case you don't know, this is America, where people can speak their opinion.


You're right, this is America. Where EVERYONE, including myself can speak their opinion. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm not saying what she did isn't wrong, I'm just saying theres a possibility you don't know all the facts.


All of my comments are based on the above article. Perhaps you need to read it or have someone read it to you.


Read the article it speaks for itself.


For $50 you can have man, wife and grandma put to sleep. And move the kids on.

Arc Angel

Party on Wayne!!!


Pary on Garth!! Schwing!


This story is all bad. For one thing, unless the children were using the Meth (which they were not) then that means those people had the kids right there breathing the fumes while they were making it for them to have detectable amounts in their system. That means they were breathing in all of those toxic chemicals also which can cause all types of health problems. The other aspect is they also most likely found traces of Meth around the household and ingested it for a positive test result. These people seriously need executed. There are absolutely no excuses for behavior like this. If you want to do the drug and kill yourself that is fine, go right ahead, but DO NOT involve innocent children that cannot remove themselves from the situation! LOSERS LOSERS


Two generations of meth heads doing their best to pass on their heritage to a third generation....gives a whole new meaning to "all in the family".....and here I thought I had it bad when grandma made me drink her fresh carrot juice.....those poor kids.


I really hate to see and hear about things like this. Poor kids. Ya gotta pray they come out all right.


The mother of these kids needs to lose her rights and have her tubes tied. Why is it the the people that are horrible parents have numerous kids? If you don't want to take care of them and give them the life they deserve then don't have them. People like this make me sick and are very selfish individuals.


Just think of how much money she got from welfare, food stamps, etc. More children = more money. I wonder if she had a job (other than being a drug dealer).


The mother? The father was also involved in this crime. He should also be sterlized.

Shep Proudfoot

Party on Garth!!


Giving or allowing the kids to be present while making, distributing or taking the meth is completely mindless and shows a real lack of concern and love for the kids. What were they thinking and who was in charge. Not a sole seems to take any responsibility for the children..
Normally the grandparents can take over parenting but not with Grandma on Meth too!
I feel soo bad for those 3 children. They won't get a real chance at life and it's successes if they don't get into a super foster home if there's not another relative standing by to take over the job. I will pray for the children and family too. These kids deserve more, life is hard enough.

Arc Angel



How could you expose your child to meth,, or your grandchildren?? I hope these children will be ok and will be put in good loving homes. I wonder if they will have to go through any type of detox?? I really do not know that much about Meth other than it is highly addictive.

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