A 46-year-old Davenport man is charged with assaulting a man in front of Scott County District Court and then chasing him through the front door of the courthouse and into the security area.

Jimmy Lightner has pleaded not guilty to willful injury causing bodily injury and going armed with intent, according to court records updated Tuesday. He was in custody Tuesday at the Scott County Jail.

Both charges are Class D felonies that carry five-year prison terms upon conviction.

He's also charged with interference with official acts causing bodily injury, an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by two years in prison.

Peter Bawden, a Scott County Sheriff's detective, said six corrections officers and bailiffs had to detain Lightner as he tried to dart through the metal detector after the victim. He was found with a 5-inch blade duct-taped to his forearm, Bawden said.

Lightner, who didn't know the victim, also had a pocket knife, Bawden said.

Courthouse surveillance video shows Lightner standing in front of the courthouse's front door as the male victim and a woman approach. Lightner then attacks the victim and chases him into the courthouse.

A surveillance video inside the security area shows Lightner still chasing the victim through the metal detector, when he's stopped by courthouse security officers.

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i like this guy, hit got balls


The information on this case has been available online since May 3, 2013.

Without camping on ICIS or showing up every morning in intake court the Times would not have seen this story. I assume the Times news staff has been decimated in the same manner as many other newspapers: We want our news online and free. Reporters for some odd reason like to be paid for their work. (A Chicago newspaper has just laid off it's entire photo staff). Something has to give.

Anybody ballsy enough to chase a man into the courthouse, with armed bailiffs and cameras as witnesses, deserves to be locked up, i m h o.


Well, of course he should be locked up.

And, once the Times did get a whiff of it, it wouldn't take much to find some details. It's still a news organization; there is no reason for half-sassed reporting. This paper has been whittling itself down to a rag for several years, which in turn lowers the interest in advertising, which gives it less money to do some real reporting. It's a vicious cycle, so to speak, but the QCT started the cycle and continues the cycle.

(Personally, I don't ask for stories for free; I pay for both the print version and the on line version. Even a rag without any pride whatsoever ought not give its product away for free.)


Ouch. This guy is looking at 10 years in prison.

Family man

Twiggy, you could be correct about that. They couldn't post it if they didn't have access to it.

Family man

If the article was written before arraignment the headline would have read " man accused of assault ".

Family man

Because it takes 30 days to arraigned Twiggy. Arraignment is when you are formally charged. Notice the headline says he is charged? For someone who claims to have worked in the criminal justice system you don't know much about it.


An arraignment is the accused person's response to a formal charge, filed in Iowa (typically) by the filing of a Trial Information by the prosecutor. The process doesn't take any specific time, the Trial Information must be filed within 45 days of arrest unless that time line is waived by the accused; the arraignment must take place within a "reasonable" period of time thereafter

He is still only accused. That doesn't change unless he pleads or is found guilty.

A quick review of the Rules of Criminal Procedure and the online docket in this case would eliminate some of your ignorance.

Or you could just ask Twiggy.


My guess as to why it too so long is the video which is included. I suspect the QCT just got access to it, so they decided to post it.


Interestingly, this happened on May 2. Why so long to see it in the paper, over a month?


It is strange cd that they say the guy didn't know the victim, yet there is no further explanation. This guy had to know he was going to get caught assaulting someone right outside of the courthouse and then chasing him into the courthouse! My only thought and this is a guess is that the victim was there to testify against someone and this guy was trying to deter him. ??


I truly don't believe these guys were strangers. The truth will come out eventually.


He didn't know the victim??? Was it just a random act of violence?
I really do wish the Times would actually send a reporter out to get stories. This kind of story with no background, no details, no good information -- it's bush league.

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