A 24-year-old Davenport man facing charges with four others for luring and robbing a man on a bike trail is now facing a sex abuse charge.

Bobby D. Matejcek, of 1995 W. 40th St., Apartment 419, was charged Thursday with one count of sex abuse third-degree.

The charge is a Class C felony under Iowa law that carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

According to the arrest affidavit filed by Davenport Police Detective Erin Pape, in January, patrol officers responded to 1537 W. 14th St. where Matejcek was living in an attempt to locate a juvenile female runaway. The girl was located at that address.

The runaway disclosed to officers that Matejcek had a sexual relationship with her from October 2011 through January. The relationship began when the victim was 15 years old, Pape said in her affidavit. Matejcek was 23 years old at the time. The victim also conceived Matejcek’s child, Pape said.

Matejcek was arrested Wednesday along with three other adults and a juvenile on charges of robbery second-degree and conspiracy to commit a felony, both Class C felony charges.

Also arrested that day were Kelly Elizabeth Hobert, 20, Timothy Michael McGauley Jr., 25, and Ashley Marie Cummings, 19, all of 1995 W. 40th St., apartment 419, Davenport. Also charged is Tyler Overmann, 16, of 4803 Wisconsin Ave., Davenport.

According to that arrest affidavit, on Sept. 17 at 1:24 p.m., the five had chosen a victim to rob. They lured him to Northwest Park at 3400 N. Divsion St., where he was then beaten and robbed.

Matejcek was being held Friday night in the Scott County Jail on a total of $30,000 bond. Cummings, Hobert, and McGauley were each being held Friday night in the Scott County Jail on $20,000 bond each. Overmann was being held in the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center.


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The man who was saying this was a good man on the previous headline of this i would strongly argue that he is far from a good man and is it just this one man because five were accused of this crime


How come there is no mugshot of him on site? I found this on Davenports Mugshot site http://davenportmugshots.com/mug/bobby-dean-matejcek-2


That is a pretty cool site. I haven't seen that before. Hard to believe there are so many people getting arrested in Davenport. So many mugshots!

Arc Angel

OK Sex offender!


He's just a wannabe who will find out how the big boys roll. Good luck in prison, Bobby.

Arc Angel

This guys a train wreck!


dont worry q.c not only is he a pedophile hes a snitch.i know that personally.the real gangstas in prison are going to make his stay very comfortable.im sure hes going to get plenty of bed rest if you know what i mean.theres lifers in prison waiting for his cute butt lol.put the candy down and step away from the sandbox lmao.what a perv

Not a pedophile. Crack a dictionary. You don't falsely accuse people of crimes they didn't admit, just because you are too lazy to look a term up. pedophilia involves a person that is pre-pubescent.


No, 2muchfun is correct. The definition of a pedophile is an individual whose primary sexual orientation is for children. Yes, that includes prepubescent and pubescent children. And before you tell me I am wrong too, I have looked it up on many dictionary sites, including a legal dictionary site.

The fact that a lot of 14 year olds are having sex has no bearing on the law. The legal age of consent is 16 in Iowa. Since the girl was under 16, this is a case of statutory rape.


D.N.A doesnt lie.prepubescent you say?what the heck does a 15 year old girl know?he ruined her life before she even got started living it.babys having babys.its a shame.HIDE YOUR KIDS YOUR WIFE LMAO.

You really are what - 12? Ephebophile - pubescent. Pedophile - pre-pubescent. Get a Dictionary, troll.

Apparently you have blinders on - many 14 year old kids are sexually active, many have been pregnant.

It's a sign tat you are clueless and immature when you attack people's families, you know.

I think you lost the rock you crawled out from under.


This entire story is bad....close to evil!

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