A 28-year-old Davenport man is charged with sliding his cellphone under the door of a tanning bedroom to video record a woman undressing as she prepared to tan nude, court records state.

Justin Scott Coffey is charged with invasion of privacy/nudity, which is a serious misdemeanor. He had his initial appearance Tuesday in Scott County District Court, Davenport.

The incident occurred at 5:15 p.m. May 9 at Bayside Tan, 171 E. 46th St., Davenport. Coffey was another customer at the salon.

When he tried to record the woman undressing, she screamed, alerting a manager in the salon, according to Coffey's arrest affidavit.

A manager then saw Coffey walking away from the area where the woman was screaming, the affidavit states. Coffey returned to his assigned tanning room, stopped his tanning session and started to leave, the affidavit states.

The female victim had reported that she saw a white cellphone, and the manager asked to see Coffey's phone, but he refused, saying it was in his truck.

He left the salon but was later found to have a cellphone with a white cover, the affidavit states.

He was booked into the Scott County Jail on Friday and released later that day.

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They should post nude pictures of him so he feels little..!


Stating Bayside is a state of the art facility is like saying Mc Donald's is fine dining. Soon their new facility will be like the old one across the street, it will still be overpriced and the beds will not be maintained. To say that this never has happened before, if I remember correctly there was a guy with a mirror trying to look under one of the doors.


He just like 99.9% of men in the world. Making a fool of himself before his tool becomes junk.


I have been going to bayside for years and their new state of the art facility is one of a kind. The staff @ Bayside are very nice and I think we can see that from the very nice post that they posted. I will say that I often wondered about the gap on the floor in the wall that is more like 2 1/2" (not 1") but never have felt threatened by it. I will continue to tan at bayside because I don't feel threatened. I don't know the person this happened to personally but I do know of her through a friend and she is a very nice person and just as beautiful. I hope this nasty creep wasn't able to get the video he sought out, but I know doesn't make any less of a crime or make the victim feel any less threatened because the intentions were there. Who knows maybe he snapped pictures or was watching her through video. He obviously had intensions and the nerve he had because the staff is always running around there especially at the time it happened is usually the busiest. Thank you QC Times for sharing this story and posting his picture and channel 8 news for covering the story last night because he deserved this past 24 hours of shame. SHAME ON YOU JUSTIN COFFEY!

Bayside Tan

We would like to take this opportunity to address the violation at our business: First and foremost we always take our customers safety and privacy very seriously. Our wall systems are designed and installed by professionals to eliminate intrusions such as this and also to allow the room to breath for ventilation and cooling purposes. This violator used extreme measures to intrude upon one of our very dear customers by trying to slide a cell phone through the 1" gap between the floor and wall. To our knowledge the violator did not succeed at his disgusting intentions. We have been in business for over 11 years and have never had an incident such as this occur. Thank goodness for both the customer and salon employees quick response to this violator and assisted the police with the information that led to his arrest. Our hearts go out to our loyal customer that was violated by this disgusting individual. He obviously isn't very bright to even attempt to do this at a business that has not only his name but address, date of birth, phone & email information, eye color, and vehicle information and doing this in a small area where other customers were in the immediate area to respond! Rest assured that we plan to help with the prosecution of this individual with witness testimony and records. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE VICTIMIZING OUR CUSTOMERS OR OUR BUSINESS!! Thanks to all that have given our customer and business your support on this matter. Bayside Tan


To the person that this happen to: From myself and all the other good men out there I appologize for what this SOB did to you, I hope you're strong enough to see this through and fight the fight to make sure this scum gets what's coming to him. To Justin: You apparently were'nt raised to have good values and morales most def on how to treat a female. You are trash and deserv to be locked up with the rest of the trash out there. It makes me sick to think this could have been my 17 year old daughter who enjoys to tan during the summer which I will be thinking twice before allowing that to happen


Guess he's never heard of the internet. He could look at naked women for free there and never worry about going to jail for it.


Think he'd be smart enough to only look at "adult" women on the internet?


Maybe he was...trying to use the flashlight...because he thought her room was too dark. Sorry, I got nothin.


What the heck is wrong with you Justin?!?! I hope this woman is ok after induring such a horible violation. How was this able to happen? Where was this womans protection while tanning? There shouldn't have been any kind of access for something like this to happen. I hope this sick sick person gets something other than a slap on the wrist and hopefully gets help for whatever kind of sick additiction he has to make him to this to some innocent woman!


Wow Justin! I never knew you to have to stoop to that level to get the ladies! SMDH

Phelony Jones

Brilliant! Everybody needs a hobby. I say this guy for IRS Commissioner. He already has that proclivity for an illegal intrusion into the affairs of others.

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