A rural Scott County man facing 10 years in prison on a manslaughter charge was instead sentenced Thursday to probation.

Trevor Carter, 23, appeared in Scott County District Court, Davenport, with his family.

“Keep in mind, someone did die,” Scott County District Chief Judge Bobbi Alpers said before handing down the sentence.

Alpers referred to Jonathan David Bahnsen, who died Oct. 8 in his Davenport home of an overdose of oxycodone.

Police said Carter had delivered a supply of oxycodone to Bahnsen that had been taken during a burglary at the Main and Locust Pharmacy in Davenport 11 days before his death.

Carter pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to deliver and one count of involuntary manslaughter. He faced 10 years in prison on each of the three counts.

His attorney, Dave Treimer, said the judge ordered each 10-year sentence to run at the same time before suspending the prison time and placing Carter on three years of probation.

Citing military experience that wasn’t elaborated on, Alpers said Carter seems to be a “young man able to correct anything going wrong in his life.”

Alpers declined to give Carter a deferred judgement, calling the offenses “really serious.” A deferred judgement would have stricken the case from his record after he successfully completed probation.

“A conviction needs to be marked here,” Alpers said.

Carter declined to comment as he left the courtroom following his sentencing.