Moline police are investigating an incident at Moline High School, where some students apparently distributed nude photos of female students.

In a news release sent this afternoon, Detective Scott Williams said that although the case is “not considered criminal in nature,” it is an example of the lack of education of the consequences and penalties of distributing that type of image.

The investigation began last week when police interviewed several students at the high school. The photos of the girls were shared on cellphones and distributed to a “large number” of students, according to the release.

The female students involved told investigators that they consensually sent the images to a friend but discovered later that the images had been passed around, according to the release.

Police have reviewed the images and spoken with female students and their families, along with individual students who had the images on their phones.

Police and the school district are working together to educate teens and parents about the dangers of sexting and its potential consequences.

Superintendent David Moyer could not be reached for comment.


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I agree, what do you expect if you send naked pictures of yourself to a teenage boy?
Hopefully this girl learned her lesson and won't send naked pictures of herself to ANYONE anymore.


If it's not criminal in nature, why are the police investigating it?


Because these "innocent" little girls and their parents are panicking now that there are nude pics of them floating around. They should have thought about that before sending them. The police should not be involved, no laws were broken. People need to learn if you send a text, or post something on facebook, millions of people can see it in a matter of days. You can't expect privacy in the digital age.


Although if the girls are under 18, and the photos are distributed, would that be child pornography? I never thought about that.


Wow. I bet there are some proud parents our there today.


How do you spell stupid (These young women)? How will these girls explain to their parents about their sexting? Do they have no shame or do they just plain don’t care how they are viewed. If you send nude pictures to someone today you must expect them to be view by other people whom they didn’t intend for others to see. Again how do you spell stupid.


But I'm sure he said he loved her? We all make dumb decisions that we have to live with.


You have to be smarter than that. You're going to voluntarily send nude pics to some teenage boys, then acted shocked when they send them to their friends?

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