A Davenport mother gave her 6-year-old son a lesson on BB gun safety — by shooting him with it, police say.

Courtney Kie-Marie Owens, 25, was arrested Tuesday night and appeared in Scott County District Court Wednesday morning. She is charged with child endangerment with injury.

Her child suffered a red swollen welt from the BB striking him in the hip and was treated at the scene, according to Owens' arrest affidavit.

Police say Owens had just gotten the BB gun when her son became curious with it and kept trying to play with it. Owens tried to explain that it was not a toy, and in doing so, she "purposely" shot him in the hip, her affidavit states.

The incident occurred about 8 p.m. Tuesday in the 3200 block of Orchard Avenue, Davenport.

She was booked into the Scott County Jail and released Tuesday night after posting bail through a bonding company.

Child endangerment with injury is a Class D felony that carries a penalty of five years in prison.

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Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

As A Democrat let me just say.

most US population lives in cities

most 99% percent of cities over 75,000 are Democrats controlled

We have a greater percentage of our population incarcerated- 10%- than does communist China.

This is ahmeerica! throw her in jail.. food for thought Dems.

lil cricket

and Communist China will leave the baby (girls) on the sidewalk to be exposed and die. Or they will be nice and just shoot the dissidents


These are very true facts and yes, these facts are shocking !!! Do you know Scott county's court's statistics compared to the rest of the United States ? Just curious .


OK folks, what the blooming do many if the posts -- which is political bulls--- -- have to do with the story? Please, stay on topic.


Thank you.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

Its about race! its all about race! and social standing! until we start taking kids away in the homes of 52807 neighborhoods.

Mitch Albom from his best seller "The first five people you meet in heaven". quote ( 'the best parents are those who hurt their children the least" ) ---->

historical and logical string of thought stretching through history from the words of the Christ 3BC paraphrased " if you ask your earthly fathers for bread do they give you stones, if you ask them for water do they give you a scorpion....your earthly fathers being evil do not betray you how much more will your heavenly father give you what you ask........

Parents are evil--> original sin---> nobody is a perfect parent. one shot with a BB gun does not solicit breaking up a family or jailing someone.... unless of course your morality comes from big government and eugenics....... and then of course march these animal mothers off to the camps with the gypsies and the other societal inconveniences.


Like I said it was a stupid thing to do, but comparing it to stabbing or burning is nonsense. However I can tell you that I did learn not to play with fire after I burnt myself when my parents allowed me to commit the heinous crime of cooking a hot dog over an open fire with a hanger while not 100% supervised. I did learn not to play with sharp things when I cut myself with a razor blade that my father so carelessly left on the bathroom counter. I also learned that water from a garden hose taste bad unless you let it run. I nearly found out the hard way that playing in Duck Creek in a thunderstorm is not a good idea. And that was all before I was 10 years old. Gee Wiz when I look back it's a wonder that I made it to 60. AND both of my parents never spent a day in jail......... We're producing a nation of milk toast mamas boys! And just for the record that is not a sexist comment it's just a figure of speech so get over it. And also just for the record this issue is colorless so please get off of that.


just as irresponsible as texting while driving with kids in the car, taking your kids on motorcycles without helmets, loudly verbally assaulting your kid in front of strangers at Wal-Mart, feeding your kids junk food every day, plopping your kid down in front of a tv for hours on end.... it's funny how easy it is to be self righteous when so many of you damage your children irreparably everyday!! of course it's because she's a black woman, the quad cities is home to the most racist people in either state, well done. how many of you have guns in your home, real guns, that your kids have access to? how many of you take your kids hunting, have several beers and risk shooting your own kids? how many of you know where your kids are at, who they are friends with, if they're on drugs, if they're running with the wrong crowd at school? The woman was on the news crying that it was an accident, of course little kids aren't known to exaggerate and over react to things right? how was the child released to her care if she was such a bad mom? oh and show of Hanna how many of you are so called Christians who say god is the only one to judge and condemn, but only on Sundays or when it suits you? hypocrites!


Old: There are other ways to remind a kid there will be consequences for misbehavior -- such as a spanking. Not shooting him with a BB gun. There is a line she crossed. Same line you cross when you burn a kid's hand on a stove burner when he won't stop playing with the stove.

Comment deleted.

Mr. Riley, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

I have not been on the site for awhile and feel like Rip Van Winkle having awaken in a Time I do not recognize.

Doesn't anybody else recoil at the ease in which Law enforcement or Government feels emboldened or privileged to insert themselves into a family.

I would love to see the success rate or actual families of these DHS types who are expert in Families or child raising. One wonders at the pettiness and stupidity of this American phenomenon while Children on other continents are guarding crops from baboons armed only with sticks or being subjected to genitil cutting, feet binding or being married off to harems.

It seems it would come down to two issues expertise in family raising or Law enforcement.
I challenge the expertise in family raising the government has no measurable standard or success rate other than public education and we know where American kids rank worldwide.

So aside from our bias against poor, black, single mothers from West or Central Davenport and whether we think they could even possibly love their kids or be good parents we must look at it from a LAW point of view.

The LAW question becomes a stumbling block for us because we have to wonder why we are not jailing and separating families in 52807 zip codes. I mean after all they cheat, lie, are alcoholics, suffer depression, over eat, smoke do way way way more drugs at Assumption and PV and Bettendorf, get divorced, cheat on their taxes and generally display themselves to be part of the human race. BUT we don't think that DHS has any business getting involved in Family planning and prosecution.

So again am I the only one that sees the link between assuming Government is okay shooting black dudes and leaving them in the street and ripping up and charging poor mothers with child endangerment and having a double standard on what we think is okay for the Davenport PD and DHS to insert themselves into.

I think we look at the picture of that black mother and think she is an animal and we do that to our own detriment.


White, black, yellow, red, man or women it doesn't matter. When you shoot your child nobody cares what race or sex you are you are an animal either way. Maybe you are the one seeing black, I see a poor excuse for a mother that doesn't deserve to have children. I seriously hope you aren't running for office, people like you are the reason this country is in the shape it is.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

colors? = you see only in black and white, grey and self reflection are beyond you.

you sit in judgement= one event no matter the lack of judgment or motive is cause for you to rip apart families despite the damages modern psychology has associated with such decisions.

Education and world view= you have none. you reference only your own small experience and then hoist it upon the rest of us as gospel.

self reflection = none. you blame everybody else for the demise in a democracy a conspiracy of others if you will. While you accept no blame and no responsibility for what ails are community.

A nameless, faceless coward who hides behind a hidden moniker and hurls insults at people and sits in judgment while exposing nothing of them selves for scrutiny.

I say to you that your parents failed in parenting and God forbid you are purporting offspring into our community.


Are you talking?


Exactly NoOb, couldn't agree more..

And yes, he's running for Senate... But every time he opens his mouth here he shoots himself in the foot... Not a chance of winning so nothing to worry about... And it's offensive to many of us that he uses the Marine logo as his picture while campaigning... The Corps isn't supporting him...


I clearly understand your points and I agree. Does it cause more harm to a child whose parents cheat and steal from others or the government who, are struggling with serious addictions, spend little time with the child, and both have multiple extra martial affairs , any more or less than a BB gun shot to teach the child the harm that a BB gun has on another.
All these behaviors are harmful , valuing one more or less as bad as another is impossible.They are all judgements based on societies values
Most people , for many reasons, mostly time constraints don't like to think and analyze anything .
But one thing that we can all agree easily without much thought, is don't shoot your child with a BB gun to show him the pain. Most people would also agree quickly, that 6 is too young for a BB gun .
I don't want the child taken away from the mother who may really love him and vice versa. She does need parenting skills and no parenting skills are not learned from instincts . The temporary lost of the child will help her to make it a priority to regain custody with on going support.
Of course that is in a ideal world, and I do know some DHS workers that don't do their job well, but I know a lot more who pride themselves on values of family unity and child safety.


You are way off the mark as usual. First, leave that garbage about shooting poor black guys and leaving them lie in the street out of this discussion. There are twelve witnesses who support the police officers version. He was trying to arrest the guy and the guy attacked him. That isn't murder by any definition, and you are quite ignorant if you don't understand that the guy HAD to lie there until a proper forensic investigation was done. Quit looking at everything through the lens of race. This case isn't racial. She shot her kid with a BB gun. Being as she didn't do any damage other than a bruise or welt, BFD. I wouldn't give her anything but a good lecture about how ridiculous our nanny state has become and how she has to be careful in the future. Don't get mad at the Davenport PD for enforcing laws THEY DIDN'T PASS. They don't make the laws, and unlike Hussein Obama, they don't get to choose which ones to enforce. When they get a call, they have to respond. Grow up, join the adults, learn to think.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

taking just one of your points, Tell me the last time anybody was jailed for jay walking, walking home from the bar drunk, pissing in the bushes at the golf course, fireworks etc etc etc don't hide behind the cops have to enforce the law and every law and every incident. common sense tells us that ain't true.


Hands up, don't shoot! Now let's go riot and destroy things!!!!!!


Exactly. Everything seems to be justification for rioting and looting. Winning a championship invokes the same response as a supposed civil right violation.



No what she taught him is that if he doesn't listen to his mama, and do what she tells him, there will be consequences, and a price to pay. It's about taking responsibility for ones own actions. Even at 6 years, that's a good time to start figuring it out.


Or maybe he will learn not to trust anyone. When a mother does something like this, who knows what effect it will have on a kid. Poor baby.


So I guess in order to keep a child from playing with knives or scissors we should stab them? Maybe that sounds like a good idea and good parenting to you but for the majority of intelligent caring adults that is completely idiotic. The fact that you can even attempt to justify the abuse of a child and your inability to see the difference between discipline and abuse goes to show how cold hearted and out of touch with reality you are. I hope you don't have kids.

Wags a lot

You beat me to it Hawksfan! I thought about Ralphie too!!


You'll shoot your eye out Ralphie.


Well said OldVVKID


Omg I'm a felon. Right alongside of most boomers. Our parents would all be in prison by today's standards. I'm not condoning what she did, it was stupid, but felony child endangerment? Maybe she is trying to teach him some respect, albeit the hard way, maybe she is trying to instill a deep seated sense of responsibility, just maybe she is trying to teach him a lesson in not growing up to be a thug. Maybe what the community really needs is more strong willed mothers who care enough to use hard love. Yeah yeah yeah I know he was only 6. When was the last time you were by the school yard and watched and listened to the 6 year olds mimicking the 16-18 year old hoodlums. We need more attorneys.


The only thing she taught her child is, if you don't like what someone is doing, shoot them. With role models like this its no wonder we have "6 year olds mimicking the 16-18 year old hoodlums."


In the headline, the single quotes belong around the word 'mom'


Calm down!


Who reported it to the police?

senor citizen

Did her son have training by an approved authority to have a BB gun in his possession? Did his mother know she was firing a weapon within the city limits? Does the city have a law restricting BB guns? All unanswered questions, but unfit mother sizes up the situation, probably deficient in mental capacity.


I have mixed feelings about this. I understand she was teaching him a lesson(her way). He is 6..... But kids now a days start young getting in trouble. I don't understand why she had a BB gun in sight near a small child.


Mixed feelings? I hope the child never runs in the street or she may hit him with her car to teach him a lesson. What is wrong with you people how can you possibly justify this? She wasn't teaching him a lesson she was abusing the child for her own simple twisted pleasure. Her smirk in her mug shot says it all. She's an unfit mother that's all there is to it. At least someone had enough sense to call the police.


The mother's "lesson" was completely out of line. The BB gun should have been locked in a case, where he can't get it. There are plenty of age-appropriate safety videos available that he could watch to impress on him the dangers of playing with a gun. Where was the father ... or in the very least, another adult ... to get the child's mind off the BB gun?

I cannot believe the rhetoric on here about gun rights. This is about safety and the right way to tell a child he need not even be thinking about BB guns WHEN HE'S SIX YEARS OLD!!! Yes, the mother should lose her parental rights. This was not the way to handle it.


It is my opinion that she should lose temporary custody of him, to see if her there are community resources available to help her learn how to be a better parent, Perhaps an older parent volunteer program to help her learn other options.
Also I don't know this families "history". , but in no way will it help the six year old to permanently lose his mother.


Sorry I disagree. We need fewer government programs and a lot more BB guns.


I was being sarcastic.


More BB guns hmm , do you live , or have been recently near Division and Central Park ?

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

So I guess putting on welders glasses and shooting each other in the 70's and 80's was down right criminal. Oh I forgot the paintball trick of saying "I'm out I,m out" and then being hosed by players with your hands up is also criminal. Then there is my younger brother asking the dumb question "does it hurt to be shot by them" to which he was shot in the side while only wearing a t shirt. criminals all. The only dumb thing in this story is the cops and DHS using this as an incident to waste tax payer dollars to generate and excuse for a bigger budget. That and thinking that the state or DHS is better for ripping apart a family. we need to rip apart some cop and DHS Families and see if it hurts.


I agree that police officers need to held accountable for their actions !!! I don't think DHS needs to be reminded that there are more families that need service ! Under this current system or Governor there will not be in more dollars to provide much needed services !!!


You are an idiot. Your examples are of kids playing with kids. Of course kids willingly do crazy things that, in hindsight, aren't very smart. That's all part of growing up, but adults are supposed to know better. This is a case of an adult abusing a child. It would be like an adult telling a child not to punch others and then punching the child to show them that it hurts. The fact that you even condone a 6 year old child being injured by an adult shows how much of a low life you are.


And he wants to be elected. Democrats!!! Lol


We need a govt program to teach parents not to shoot kids with a BB gun. Gluba needs to get a rally going to get these dangerous BB guns out if the hands of citizens.


Hands Up, Don't Shoot!

Arc Angel

2014 Mother of the year!

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