Observant staff at Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Park View alerted police when they saw a 5-year-old student come to school this week with bruises all over her body.

A follow-up investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa Department of Human Services resulted Friday in police arresting the girl’s mother, Daveshia Morgan, 23, of 15 Park Crest Court, Park View.

Morgan is charged with child endangerment with injury, a Class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison. She was being held Friday in the Scott County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

“I give a lot of credit to the school,” Scott County Sheriff Lt. Bryce Schmidt said. “This whole investigation got started because the school took notice of her injuries and reported the abuse to us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have known about it.”

Morgan is accused of beating the girl with open hands, closed fists and a belt, leaving multiple bruising injuries on the child. School staff noticed the injuries when the girl came to school Wednesday, Schmidt said. The child was examined by a physician, but the injuries did not require hospital treatment, he said.

The child is no longer in the mother’s home but under DHS supervision, Schmidt said. Other children were in the home at the time of the alleged abuse and arrangements are being made with DHS to put them in the care of other family members, Schmidt said.

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missi know whats goin on

Lol you guys must think blacks dont use the internet lol these comments sound stupid just a buch of racist statements so there for your no better just as low as the person whom committed The crime.


There are just as many white niggers as there are black it is just a word


Jyoung, relax. I simply made an observation about the comments being posted here. There is obviously more than one viewpoint.


Budnight and Weasal. Really making it about color. I clicked on the link because I seen a child got abused. I am so sick of people making it about Color. You dont want to be treated like a dirtbag dont act like one.


You people just keep lying to yourselves. The first thing that caught your attention was somebody in the North Scott school district was accused of beating their child. Then you clicked on the article to discover a black woman lived in the North Scott school district. Lol. Nobody will admit it, but it's true. Lol. Which pissed you off the most?


ok, first of all it is not where the person lives that makes them a dirtbag.. it is their actions!!!!! you can live in the most exspensive beautifule home and make $1,000,000.00 a year; but if your a dirtbag, your just that "a dirtbag"!!! some people just shouldn't be parents! this goes for ALL abuse!! male and female! SAD!!!!!!!!


My question is why when a father does this to his child he isn't all over the newspaper or media websites. My sons father beat him black n blue all over his body. All he gets is 180 days in jail? My son also has severe health issues. I'm sorry for the little girl this happened to. I just don't understand why people turn the other cheek when it's a man. Why is that? I wonder? Maybe when the abuser of my child turns himself in today we can see him on Scott County Inmates? I wish the lol girl & her brothers n sisters the best.


If only she had more public aid.


AND there is also a good portion of "trash" that is black. Lets be honest here. I personally believe that the couple that were running a meth house out of their daycare center are more "trash" than this women and they are both white. However, didn't see in their comments that we were calling them trash because they were "white". This argument is getting old. Get your $hit together regardless of your color.


Nobody was talking about the color of her skin Weasal. A good portion of the trash in Park View happens to be white.


This is the kind of stuff I am always talking about. Someone beats on a kid and only facing 5 years. Yet someone sells weed to an adult and get 20 + years. Here is a question for you all. if your child does not follow directions or orders and they become 18 what happens? Why is it okay for the police or jail staff to use force to get someone to follow directions or orders. I promise not to spank my child if the state makes a promise not to lock him up later in life. Now there is fine thin line between a spanking and a beating. I hate how people read a QC Times news report and assume the defendant is guilty. What about the privacy of the child? Shame on the times for printing the address and the child's school. Funny how a police officer does something and the police department won't release information.


Apparently if she were white and beat her child, that wouldn't be a problem in Park View. Home values would remain stable.


You are are correct, sikofit. The rentals are cheap, plentiful, and do not use background/credit checks. Of course they recently added a liquor store in town as well. I just feel sorry for all the homeowners out there. I can only imagine what this is doing to the house values.


Rock Island is looking good right now thinking i am going to stay in Rock Island and not move to eldridge


It is those apartments and condos out there.


No surprise this happened in Park View. It is becoming so ghetto. Even Eldridge is not as nice as it once was with all the trash moving in from Davenpit.

missi know whats goin on

You sound stupid. You dont even know what ghetto means learn something. Your sound stupid



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