Police have arrested an 18-year-old Davenport man on charges he shot into a crowd outside NorthPark Mall last month.

Donovan R. Dean of 1105 Oneida Ave. was booked into the Scott County Jail on Sunday on a charge of  intimidation with a dangerous weapon, a Class C felony punishable in Iowa by up to 10 years in prison upon conviction.

Officers were dispatched to the Davenport mall at 6:35 p.m. April 6 after a fight between several people broke out in the food court, police said.

The fight spilled outside of the mall, with the participants leaving the mall through the south entrance at the food court.

Police said Dean was observed by multiple witnesses, armed and firing a handgun, according to the arrest affidavit. Police said Dean was involved in the fight inside the foot court just moments before, adding he was throwing chairs at some people. The people fled outside and west across the mall parking lot, trying to get away from Dean, police said.

Dean brought his revolver up to what’s referred to as a “point shoulder position” and fired two shots at the fleeing people, police said.

Among the witnesses standing close to Dean when he fired the weapon was a family of a mother, father and a 5-year-old, police said.

In the first three months of the year, Davenport police have responded to about 360 calls to NorthPark Mall, including 84 thefts and five assaults, police records show.

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Get your CCW dont leave home without your gun and you can be on an equal playing field with the criminal element of Davenport.

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It saddens me to read comments like this. Newsflash: People of all races commit crimes. Just check the mugshot section. I am black and I don't carry a weapon. The majority of young black and hispanic kids in the QC do not carry weapons. In fact, a lot of them are doing great things academically and in their extracurricular activities. The media just chooses to focus on the negative. Do not generalize entire groups of people based on the actions of a few.

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I'm glad you're gone. You clearly don't "have a good relationship with all races." You're just another bigot.

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Northpark mall security is a joke. I was walking around there and saw a "security guard" that was so old he looked like he lived through the great depression. Plus on top of that the criminals have guns, and I don't even know if the mall cops are allowed to carry pepper spray. Not really a fair fight.


Both malls in the Quad Cities are absolutely sad. It is a reflection of the sorry economic state of this area. Lazy people with no jobs and no hope of a future hang out in some depressing cathedral to America's over-the-top materialism...and we wonder why bad things happen. Our society is sick and depraved. Where is an extinction event when you need one?

Pulled Back In

Over 40 years ago I used to be able to look out my back door onto a beautiful golf course. Then General Growth came in and built this huge montstrosity known as Northpark Mall on the property, making promises to home owners that crime would not be a problem as they would have their own secutiry force. Flash forward to today and my neighborhood now sits in one of the highest crime areas in town specifically because of that mall. Turn it back into a golf course!


The last time I went to North Park, things looked a little low. Many of the kiosks sell what we might call 'carnival junk,' as opposed to nice merchandise. North Park is becoming a sort of indoor alley. And, that alley is a bit like the alleys of downtown Rock Island decades ago. Perhaps we will see a rebirth of 'The Tiger's Den' located in 'North Park Alley.'


Where are the gun charges? Why isn't he being charged with illegal possession of a firearm and the other obvious crimes? There is two sides to the gun rights equation. One side says we have a right to a gun if we are old enough and follow the basic rules. The other side requires he be held accountable. I would bet he acquired the gun illegally.


It's called a CCW.


A person must be 21 years of age in Iowa to get a weapons permit/CCW unless that person is employed at a job that requires him to carry a weapon, and they they can carry it only to and from work and while working. I bet a million dollars and my first born son this man had no CCW.


@CGE, that doesn't average almost one a day... those 360 calls were made in the FIRST THREE MONTHS of the year - 90 days. That averages 25 calls PER DAY! Yes, I think it's probably wise to stay away from NorthPark Mall.


Do you honestly believe there's 25 call/day to Northpark Mall?

Over taxed

25 calls PER DAY??


25 a day seems unrealistic. We don't have the police staff to respond in that capacity. Or maybe that's why they are never out patrolling streets and neighborhoods?
Either way, the mall needs to take accountability for this.
I don't care that they are having economic difficulties (which I doubt) keeping stores open. It could close down and everyone would survive. The majority of people in this area shop at Walmart anyway, blahhh.


CGE beat me to the punch... Northpark's mall security is a joke. Untrained, out of shape, unarmed, elderly guards. Instead of investing in those goofy segways they should invest in more training for their security personnel. Mall of America actually has a real security team, Northpark should use them as an example. Northpark should be fined for using our citys police resources so much. I wont even take my children there on the few times a year I'm forced to go to that place.


The taxes that property pays? You want to fine them more? Their stores are having a hard time staying open. How is Davenport going to deal with this place closing if you start fining them? The people causing the problems are known in the town. It isn't like North Park breeds bad people. If the city was cleaned up in other areas, North Park wouldn't be a magnet for these lowlife's.


Northpark could implement more rules and regulations to discourage these lowlifes from going there all the time.

And, once again, if Northpark had a better trained, more proactive security team on site it would also discourage their behavior while on the property.


No one said anything about fining them. Focus on the truth. They need better security. Northpark has had a bad reputation for years. NorthPark does attract bad people (ie, breeds them). It's not the same youth year after year. Try again.


360 calls... almost an average of 1 a day. They should be required to hire more competent security personnel that carry weapons. A good reason not to frequent this place.
He should get the full 10 years!


Now we see why we aren't hearing about the crime stats for the city. Did I miss this story on the Times website when it happened?


I'm with you... Did we not hear about this story until a MONTH later they finally catch the guy. Didn't know the news worked that way, Lord help us.


... and that's with tons of witnesses and cameras.. wow.


It was reported when it happened. You just missed it.


Sounds like the Mall is more dangerous then some of local taverns? This guy is an idiot,to shoot into a crowd of people,and care nothing of who he hits? This is why we keep having the arguments of gun laws or the lack of them? The honest person don't go around shooting at anything that moves.

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