Police arrested a Davenport man on Thursday on charges he stabbed another man, who was taken to Iowa City with a life-threatening injury.

Police were dispatched at 9:18 p.m. Wednesday to 2203 W. 58th St. for a reported stabbing, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

Police identified the victim as 38-year-old Antonio Coleman, Schaeffer said. He was transported to Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street, Davenport, before being airlifted to University Hospitals, Iowa City.

The suspect had left the scene and the area prior to police arriving. Detectives worked throughout the night investigating the circumstances surrounding the assault, and their findings led to the arrest of 29-year-old Mckinsley Watson, who lives at the 58th Street address.

Watson was being held Thursday in the Scott County Jail, charged with willful injury with serious injury. The Class C felony is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

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This is very sad! Ive known the victim since I was a little girl! I am praying for him and his family and friends! Lets hope everything turns out for the best!


for all yous info my brother is fighting for his life an things are not looking bright right now ..please dont fight an if u want cause drama please do that on someone else page ..have some respect please i know if it waz your family u would not take this so dont be like that


The good news is the person hurt didn't die. Again I got to side with writingmomma, he does look like he could be related to Obama, (KLAATU) not sure what you were thinking. Please put down the Miller Lites and then write a reply, it might help you stop seeing things that are not there. Maybe KLAATU you were just looking to stir up the conversation and that is cool.

no your facts

Really should no facts before you print a article. There was not a knife involved in this. As other articles have stated it was blunt force trauma to the head. Te suspect is black and white.This victim is fighting for his life. So take your rude and senseless comments some where else. Show some respect for the victim and familys who have been affected by this.

Terry W

Looks like a loser that needs to be in prison to me!


Writing Moma has nothing better to do than to make herself feel better with bs comments. FYI the person he attacked is fighting for his life over a senseless attack of violence. Way to show some class and maturity.


I am very classy for your information! The young man resembles President Obama with his facial features. Too bad that you took it someplace else! Where is your mind set?


Get facts straight before writing a story.. pray for the family..


Yes, facts are terribly inaccurate!


This guy looks like he could be President Obama's son.


You are constantly berating people for "picking" on black criminals, and here you are, instigating a racial line of dialogue.


For your information idiot, I was looking at the resemblance to him and President Obama!!!


Would that make him Trayvon's brother?

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