Police responding to a call to a Bettendorf home found a registered sex offender hiding under a child's bed, according to felony charges filed Tuesday.

Julien Martell Skipper, 33, was registered at 2631 Hawthorne Drive, an apartment in Bettendorf. He is required to register an address as a convicted sex offender in Iowa.

Police say he was not allowed to live in a neighbor's apartment, where officers found him on April 19 hiding under the bed after responding to a disturbance call at the home.

Initially, he was arrested on a drug charge and booked into the Scott County Jail, where he remained in custody Wednesday. On Tuesday, two sex offender violation charges were filed against him stemming from the April 19 call.

Because he has a history that includes at least one other failure to register conviction, the newest charges are Class D felonies that carry a penalty of five years in prison.

Police said Skipper failed to notify authorities he changed addresses, having lived in the neighbor's apartment from March 9 to April 19. He also didn't disclose who else lived in the apartment, including two children ages 5 and 10, according to police reports.

Skipper was convicted in 2007 for lascivious acts with a child, in which the victim was a 14-year-old girl. He was 25 at the time.


Sex Offender Map

Michael Liendo || Source: Iowa Sex Offender Registry

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Talk about a nightmare coming to life--that poor child! Glad the skipper and his ship were finally marooned. Creep.


Good news for Skipper...if he is convicted for this latest offense, all he has to do is play the "I was just hanging out eating a bag of chips" card, as did recently the registered sex offender that was busted for loitering across the street from the downtown library....he gets a new trial now because the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the prosecution did not establish the size of the bag of chips he was eating and that "just hanging out" is different than loitering.

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