The Sterling and Dixon police departments in Illinois are investigating recent reports of retail theft of powder baby formula from area Walmart stores. 

Police are seeking a possible suspect in the cases and are seeking Darel Young, 41, who is described as 5-foot-8 and 240 pounds. Detective James D. Sanders said Young is from the Sterling area and is believed to be traveling between Sterling and the Chicago area in a blue-colored 1999 Dodge Caravan bearing Illinois registration P216843.

Young is being sought on a Whiteside County warrant charging him with retail theft over $300. Anyone aware of Young’s whereabouts is asked to contact local law enforcement authorities or Whiteside County Crime Stoppers at 815-625-7867.

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if he was stealing for the value wouldnt it make sense to steal something smaller and worth more...and yes if my child was hungry i would steal to feed them in a second although i doubt it would be 300 dollars worth of formula i would probably just steal one and then figure out how i was going to get more without stealing it like picking up cans or begging on the street...


It is theft over $300, it is statutory level in the criminal code used to set the grade of the offense. Theft over $300 dollars is a Class 3 felony, under $300 a Class A misdemeanor (unless he has prior retail theft conviction). There are other aggravating factors that can effect the Class of offense also. Point is we do not know if he stole $301 or $3001 in formula. I doubt it makes the news for $301. Also doubt it was worth the gas to drive 2 hours for $300 worth of formula. They have Walmarts in Chicago if that was motivation.


WIC is for Women who need pre natal and post natal nutrional care and for Infants and Children up to 5yrs. He should give them a call for his children instead of stealing it. Just saying.


If he is traveling between sterling and chicago the odds are that he is stealing the stuff here to re-sell back home.


^^^^Probably never had a kid^^^^^^^ First and foremost i would never suggest stealing is okay in any possible fashion. Having said that as a father myself I would certainly steal for my child. Three hundred dollars is not really a terribly large amount considering how expensive formula is and how much babies eat. WIC and other programs only provide assistance.

pta mom

It's WIC--for Women, Infants, and Children.


But what about the Baby Daddy!!!

Family man

Sounds like he is just trying to feed his child. Times are tough, although there are better ways than stealing I hope they don't throw the book at him. Too many real criminals out there to worry too much about this guy.


Wow, you are brilliant. You deduced all of that from this little article. Just how did you reach that conclusion? It is extremely unlikely he was stealing formula to feed his kid. Retail theft over $300.00? That is a heck of a lot of formula, isn't it? And considering how generous the government is with Food Stamps and WYC, it is almost beyond belief that he needs that much formula for his child. I think it is much more likely that he stole it to resell.


First of all, I doubt that you've bought any type of baby formula for a long time, if ever. Baby formula is very, very expensive, depending on the type. It can run up to, and sometimes over, $20 a canister, so depending on the type he stole, it could add up fairly quickly. Secondly, it's WIC - for Women, Infants and Children.


Whatever, at one time it was WYC, because it was Women, and Young Children. I have a grandchild living in my home, I know what things cost for kids, and it is absurd to say its okay to steal for any reason. Using that logic its okay to steal children's clothing, shoes, school supplies, or anything for a kid. Three hundred bucks of powdered formula is quite a lot of formula.

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