Davenport police began investigating a shooting early Monday after a woman walked into a truck stop and told two Scott County Sheriff’s deputies that she had been shot.

The shooting occurred on Hillandale Road, and Capt. Dale Sievert said Brittany Hamilton, 28, walked into the Flying J Truck Stop on Interstate 80 about 4 a.m. and told the deputies she had been shot in the leg.

The deputies requested medical assistance for what appeared to be a non-life threatening gunshot wound and notified the Davenport Police Department.

Hamilton told police that she and Brian Williams, 37, also of Davenport, had been taken from their residence at 6037 Hillandale Road and brought to an undisclosed location, Sievert said.

Hamilton also told police the suspects demanded money and shot her at the location and left her there while they left with Williams.

Williams was found walking in the 2800 block of West 58th Street with no apparent injuries.

No other details of the shooting were released.

“We’re still trying to piece things together,” Sievert said.

Brittany Hamilton purchased the home at 6037 Hillandale Road in 2007 with her father, Randy Hamilton, according to Scott County property records.

The house was cordoned off with yellow police tape for several hours Monday morning. Children’s drawings were taped to the front of the house next to the door and carved pumpkins sat on the front stoop.

Brittany Hamilton has at least her two children living with her. Nikki Strong, a neighbor, said she sees the children playing out front all the time, and she added they’re about grade-school age.

“I’m worried for her kids,” Strong said, adding the neighborhood usually is quiet.

“It’s a good neighborhood,” she said. “We keep to ourselves.”

Strong described her relationship with Hamilton as “neighborly.”

Steve Conklin, another neighbor, said he’s not surprised to hear something may have happened at Hamilton’s home because he has seen police at the home in recent months.

“Cops have been there non-stop,” he said.

He’s even made it a habit of periodically looking out his window at the home, and he did so about 1 a.m. Monday. He said he didn’t see anything unusual. His wife told him about 4 a.m. that police had the home surrounded, he said.

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The area may not be bad, Six string, but that doesn't mean the bad element can't go through the area. My area isn't bad, we just have a problem with the bad element passing through.

Average Joe

Not buying her story; I have to believe the truth about what happened will come out soon. Boyfriend was found with no injuries? Odd.


Residents at this location have been trouble for a while.


Curious to hear more on this - A good friend lives in that neighborhood. It's in extreme NW Davenport, and is in no means a bad area.

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