A 53-year-old Davenport man who police say sexually abused a 6-year-old girl has been arrested.

James C. Miles was in the Scott County Jail on Monday charged with second-degree sex abuse. His bond was set at $50,000.

The charge is a Class B felony that is punishable in Iowa by up to 25 years in prison upon conviction.

Miles sexually abused the girl on Sunday, and the act was witnessed by other adults at the residence, according to his arrest affidavit.

Miles’ has a record in Scott County of assault and drug convictions. In 1996, he pleaded guilty to assault while participating in a felony and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was accused at the time of directing another person to assault a woman and remove her jewelry in 600 block of West 3rd Street.

He pleaded guilty in 2000 to possession with intent to deliver cocaine base and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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What is crazy is the fact that I used to be his upstairs neighbor. And while he lived above me he had caused two fires. One that nearly killed me, my guests, and even himself downstairs. He had gotten high off of some crack earlier that day and then got drunk. He proceeded to put out his cigarette in my kitchen chair that I had put on the porch well before he moved in. I had lived there for 2 years before he came rolling in. He of course denied that he started the fire when we had witnesses that had seen him light our trash can on fire the week before. He proceeded to always fight with his girlfriend that had a little girl. He was a very nosy person who loved to stay in everyone's business then tell the cops or landlord lies about things. I had to move I did not feel safe around him. He even damaged my friend's car just to be a menace. Even the girlfriend who was a crackhead too didn't even know me. Was with him two weeks and decided she would join in on the problem between me and him. She decided to smack her car into my friend's car, box me in, or plain out park in my spot on purpose to make it to where I couldn't even park in front of my own house anymore. This all happened within 3 months of him living above me. I had a bad feeling that he would do this to that woman's daughter. I don't believe she care at all about her child. If this is the same little girl as the one that the woman had, I am so sorry for that girl. Even if its not her, I feel so sorry for the girl that went through this. And for the adults to do nothing about it but to stand by and "watch" they are just as sick as he is and should be locked up. I hope that this girl can find a home with another family far away from her abusive mother and the company that her mother keeps. Even away from her mother's bad addictions. Please God save this little girl from those who plan to hurt her or allow harm to befallen her. I am glad that the little girl is away from him. I may have had my problems with him but I don't wish anything bad on him, but what he did to that little girl is unforgivable. I'm sorry but I don't have any sympathy for him not after what he reduced himself to. From a drug addicted, trouble maker to a drug addicted, child molester. No sympathy.


Dont worry Scott County he"s already out on bail.The powers that be just dont care anymore.Save a deer shoot a child molester


As of today he is still in custody. I have checked to make sure. He is facing a one year sentence that is currently 20 days in. He is still to be convicted on the child abuse charge. But he has already served several times in prison. Perhaps this maybe the last straw for him. Who knows.


Scum of the world, put him away for good!!!


If this was my 6 year old Daughter we wouldn't even be commenting on this story. He and I would be going for a car ride or maybe do a little fishing or something.


I guess the QC Times did not like my first post. Maybe this will be accepted. I am tired of the system protecting these low - lifes. I think they should get the death penalty before they have another opportunity and kill the next victim. You can't cure EVIL!!!


I do NOT agree with vigilante justice, ever. Our criminal justice system will deal with this piece of human trash. Everyone is outraged by the sexual abuse of a child. Everyone. But we are a country of laws. If we are willing to ignore the law in some instances, we will be willing to ignore them in others.

No where does it say the child was raped, that is what many think of when they read "sexual abuse". The Iowa law defines it as "any sex act"(709.1) Also my guess, the adults present saw what happened, be it touching, over the clothes or under, and DID call the police. I doubt the child did. It is in the second degree, again a guess, because the child is under the age of 12. (709.3)


I agree with vigilante justice in cases of child abuse, because as we have seen, he will not get life. Poor Jaycee Dugard had to learn the hard way how the system fails us and lets out repeated offenders with one word "Rehilbilated". And, they are protected in prison, not being with the general population. If they would just let the murders in with them, they would never have the chance to get out alive.


What I can't figure out is, how did he make it in one piece to the jail house to be charged? Forgive me readers for having a vigilante mindset when it comes to crimes against children. I would have gone completely ham on this pervert.


I agree!

just curious

What? Adults witnessed this horrendous depraved individual rape a 6 yr old? They should be in jail also for not stopping him. It did say adults - as in more than one. More than one could certainly do something. Disgracful.


Exactly what I thought!


I agree momma, he should be under the jail!


This sick, twisted individual should never see the outside of a jail cell. If he is guilty of this crime, he deserves life w/o parole.

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