Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department investigators are seeking information about a home invasion reported Wednesday in rural Milan.

Sheriff Jeff Boyd said two masked men entered a home at 2807 54th Ave. W. at 11:42 a.m. At least one of the men was armed with a gun. The house was occupied by one person at the time.

The two men took three firearms and fled from the residence in an unknown direction.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department at 309-558-3414 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad-Cities at 309-762-9500.


Times staff at 3:01 p.m.

Rock Island County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a home invasion this morning in Milan.

Two men entered a home in the 2800 block of 54th Avenue West armed with a gun and took three firearms from the residence, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. Deputies responded to the scene about 11:40 a.m.

One person was at the home and was not injured.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 309-558-3414 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad-Cities at 309-762-9500.


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To: mommakelly,

You should try it. Have two masked men armed with guns kick in your front door while you are sleeping, hold a gun to your head and demand you open your safe. Then come on here and tell us how it is your own fault that your properly secured guns were stolen. Then we will hold you responsible for any crimes committed with your stolen, properly secured guns.


That is completely false to say that if he had locked up his guns the criminals would not have them. We can assume the house was locked and they got through that...not to mention that they will get them somewhere. All the illegally owned firearms are not stolen! The get imported, purchased and sold, bought somewhere no background check is required, etc... So enforce the laws we have and penalize the criminals harder and better gains will be realized than enacting new regulations on the current law abiding citizens!!


To: Mommakelly

So, you're blaming the homeowner for what these criminals did? How classy and intelligent of you. What other victims of crime do you blame for what happened to them? Or is it only when it fits your agenda? How absurd and pathetic...


No, Mamakelly is showing that the NRA's argument that guns make you safer is not only patently absurd it is the exact opposite of the truth.

If you own a gun you are MORE LIKELY to be killed by it then to protect yourself with it. ("Homes with guns had a nearly three times greater risk of homicide and a nearly five times greater risk of suicide than those without. - New England Journal of Medicine).

The NRA exists to promote gun sales. It doesn't care at all about your health or safety.


No, all she is showing is how scary warped hers and your thinking has become. You are the perfect victim.


mommakelly (aka: Sheep) So you're blaming the homeowner for the criminals that broke in? Using your profoundly poor logic, it's a woman's fault for getting raped because she dressed in a sexy manner, right? And did you not notice that one of these criminals ALREADY had a gun? I love the smell of ignorance in the morning...


No, I blame the resident for having guns in his home that were not secured properly to keep these individuals from stealing them and I think he should be held civilly responsible for any damages that may be done with those weapons. I blame the NRA for brainwashing the ignorant and uneducated in this country into thinking that keeping firearms in their homes will keep them from being victims of crime. I blame the criminals' families for not raising them to understand that an education is the only way to get anywhere in life, and, lastly, I blame our society for being so selfish that it puts the "Right" to the 2nd Amendment ahead of the right of society to be safe from weapons.


OMG, really? How do YOU know what happened? How do you know that the victims that you are accusing here were not made to relinquish properly secured firearms at gunpoint!! You don't!! Please give us ALL the details of this crime since you have inside, personal knowledge of what occurred! If I steal your car, and plow through a crowd of children, then you should be held civilly responsible for that, right? Don't you get it that taking away guns from GOOD people only leaves guns with BAD people? Are you really this naive? How about prescription drugs? Burglars steal them all the time. Should we also hold those victims responsible if someone OD's on them? Wow. Incredibly simple minded thinking here. I think your heart is in the right place, but your thought process is WAY out there.


First of all, if your vehicle was not properly secured, in some circumstances, then yes, you could be held liable. Second, a vehicle and medication are not things that were created to destroy. They were created to help. Third, I'm sorry that you believe people are trying to take away your guns. The reality is that the only people who are really against any regulations are those that either don't have guns legally, or wouldn't be able to get those guns legally should the new rules be put into place. Are you a felon? Are you deemed mentally unable to safely have guns? If the answers are no, then chill out. The paranoia of the right about the President is just a thinly veiled excuse to hate the black guy and all of us who support him. You all will find any and all excuses to hold him responsible for everything, and you've just latched onto this issue to make the paranoia level of the NRA sheep even higher. The reality is that the NRA exists for one reason and one reason only: to make the gun manufacturers even richer...that's it. And you all support this organization like it's your church. It's like Hostess having a lobbyist that goes around saying that the government is trying to take away your Twinkies and it's your god given right to be fat and diabetic. If you want to kill yourself or someone that you love, then fine, keep your guns...I don't care whether you have them or not...just keep them away from me, my family and my home. This home owner, obviously, did not have his guns secured safely in a safe or some other gun cabinet that could not be opened by a burglar. Therefore, his guns were stolen. Because this guy (by the intensity of your responses, I'm wondering if it was you) decided that it was his god given right to have his guns in his home, unsecured, these guns will now be out in the criminal population and can and probably will be used for other crimes. If this individual did not have these guns, they would not be in the hands of criminals right now. Simple. Logical. Therefore, if legal gun owners are held civilly responsible for their guns being used in a crime if they are stolen from their residence or person, then perhaps RESPONSIBLE gun owners will begin to make sure that these items are secured in a way in which they could not be taken.



I will hold you to the same ignorant standards that you are putting towards LEGAL gun owners. If an illegal immigrant steals your identity then YOU will be held responsible for any and all that happens to your name, right? If someone steals your car then YOU will be held fully responsible for any and all that happens to the criminal that stole the car, the other cars they damage during the chase and the property damaged in the crash at the end, right? Not some circumstance like you posted, but ALL instances. Your standards, not mine.

What I sit here and laugh at time and time again is how you Libs keep giving more rights to the thug and less and less rights to the legal owner of guns. You claim that Obama is not trying to take guns away but that is an outright lie. He IS trying to ban some guns, which by definition means that legal owners will not be able to own or purchase certain types of guns which means.... Yes, he is taking guns away. All guns? No but there are less guns legally available.

It is nice again to see your side go to the race card again. How weak, how immature, how predictable..... #pathetic.

Question for you is simple. When will you hold a "black guy" responsible for anything? You talk about the NRA sheep, but you follow the man around and promote and swallow every lie of his like it is gospel. Anything that one of us question you throw out the race card like most of you race baiters do when you don't have facts. Debate a subject on facts and leave race out of it. It will make you look much more intelligent.

One last point. Do you want armed security guards at our schools protecting our kids? Obama has them protecting his daughters so you must be in favor of it, right? I for one value the life of my child more than anybody elses kid (no offense). So will you admit that you would want and approve of armed guards at schools? If so, would you then admit that there is a reason why police and security guards carry guns?


Good to see law enforcement agency's that are not afraid to speak their minds on all this:


Wonder if his NRA card was stolen too. Where do criminals get the guns they use to commit crimes? They steal them from NRA members. I love the smell of irony in the morning.


So, the resident kept the guns in the house for protection and was home at the time of the burglary when two men broke into the house and stole the guns that were there for protection. Of course. Now, how many crimes will be committed with these weapons and why won't the home owner be held responsible for not keeping the guns in a place where they can't be stolen...? Oh, yeah...the 2nd Amendment is the only right that counts. Our rights to be safe from harm from these weapons doesn't mean squat.

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