An 800-pound canning line machine was stolen Sunday night or early Monday from Great River Brewery, 322 E. 2nd St., Davenport.

Cellarman Tyler Krutzfeldt said the theft couldn’t have been a one-man job.

“We’re shocked this happened,” he said Wednesday, still cleaning up from the theft and forging ahead with business with the help of donated equipment from other local breweries.

When staff came in about 7:30 a.m. Monday, they found aluminum cans were all over the floor, grain sacks were cut open and grain was on the floor and air lines that supply compressed air also were cut, Krutzfeldt said. Then they discovered that their canning line machine had been taken from the warehouse and two coolers were missing from the production area, he added.

There were no signs of forced entry.

“Someone must have snuck in,” Krutzfeldt said.

The last employee left sometime after Sunday’s 6 p.m. closing time and the locks were checked, he said.

The 10-foot-long machine is too large to be carried out by hand.

Brew master Paul Krutzfeldt said someone must have used his fork lift, which he found in a nearby alley.

He said he’s looking to replace the machine, which is valued at $70,000 to $100,000. He called it the most important piece of equipment he owns besides the kettle that brews the beer.  

Because 70 percent of his business is canning and distributing to 10 distributors in six states, not having the canning line machine has temporarily brought his businesses to “sort of” a halt, Paul Krutzfeldt said.

“It puts a damper on what’s been a fantastic summer in the Quad-Cities,” he said.

He relocated the brewery from Iowa City to Davenport in 2009.

In the meantime, instead of cans, they’re putting beer into kegs until he can buy a replacement canning line machine, possibly as early as next week, he said.

Krutzfeldt said a brewery in Nebraska has offered to can his beer until he gets his canning operation back up and running.

“It’s a bad scene, and it sucks,” he said. “But the outpouring of support already from the Quad-Cities and nationally from the Brewers Association is awesome.”

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Bank!!! Bank!!! Bank!!! Repo!!! Repo!!! Repo!!!


I read an article about start up companies making mobile canning operations. going from brewery to brewery and canning, because some of these smaller breweries cant afford a canning machine.


Did someone start canning "Billy" beer again. lol


Well, it ain't Billy, is it? He's dead if I recall correctly.

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes

Obama probably did just so he could have another phony thing to attack the Romney / Ryan on.


Like the right isn't full of phony issues???


Probably the hippies at Bent River

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes

Okay, despite loving Bent River beer.... that was pretty funny, lol!


Both breweries make great beer, just kidding around


Yardturd makes me laugh


Check the local scrapyards. This was probably stolen by scrap metal thieves for the copper and stainless steel content. You don't have long as most scrapyards process material the same day.


Check theVillage of East Davenport. It's possible it was used to can some of the B.S. that the president was spewing yesterday. The cans might become collector's items when Obama's true legacy emerges in history following his term.




No wonder there aren't more conservative comedians.


If that is the case Romney's B.S. will be a collectors item along with Ryan who is being told to shut his mouth and follow daddy war bucks way of lying.Ryan as a seven termer voted for Bush stimulus,Bush tax cuts,Bush wars,Bush perscription drug plans,Bush highway bill ( the bridge to no where)Bush bank bailout and he is the fiscal conservative that helped put America where it is today. As a seven termer he wrote two bills,one to change the name of a post office. Now that Is B.S. in a silver can.

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes

Hope in a Can... only $3.00 each... and every can you purchase is another chance to win a trip to meet your buddy B-Rock. Come party all night and get wasted on Hope in our special VIP room with him and the rest of the Chum Gang. We need you friend, so donate today*.

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How much money did they owe on it? Repo !!!


Probably not a repo job since their forklift was left in the alley. Besides, they are a legitimate business not some guy that has been dodging calls from the used-car lot.


Don't want the cheap car back, commercial machines are GOLD.


Another day in Davenport!


Whoever is responsible will no doubt end up in the CAN?




WEEP WEEP WEEP WEEP. "I am depressed" -Taggart


This is horrible! GRB is a great place, with even greater people! I hope they catch the people responsible!


Wasn't Lou Ferrigno in town recently?

Jack S

LOL ..................I can just picture that Badger .............


Check the pawn shops.


Pawnshops? i dont know, not like its a pocket watch or a rare stamp, probably ended up in some competitors shop.


Are you sure it wasn't a "perfectly legal bank repo"? They have been known to do that in the dead of night.


It's not legal if they don't have permission to be on your property when it locked or otherwise protected.


And Banks ALWAYS follow the letter of the law.


And Repo companies ALWAYS obey ALL laws




All the Bank has to do is get one disgruntled employee with a key to unlock the door. Know from experience.


I agree

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