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Scott County Courthouse and Jail

Scott County Courthouse and Jail


Scott County Attorney Mike Walton has determined that a Scott County bailiff's discharge of his weapon was reasonable during an incident with a pole-wielding man that began at the courthouse.

"He (Tim Hutcheson) believed his force was necessary to avoid injury or risk to his life or safety, or the life or safety of others," Walton said in a media release Thursday.

The man involved in the incident, Adam Demarcus Lafrentz, 29, of Davenport, has been charged with interference with official acts, assault causing bodily injury and assault on a police officer, all misdemeanors.

Lafrentz was not in the Scott County Jail Thursday. Records show that two warrants were issued for his arrest on April 26. They were recalled Monday.

Walton said in the media release that "further pursuit of criminal charges has been deferred while mental health alternatives are explored for Lafrentz."

He declined further comment.

According to Walton's summary of the incident:

About 9:30 a.m. April 25, Scott County Courthouse security was advised that an individual was assaulting a person with what appeared to be a pole of some kind.

Bailiffs responded and encountered Lafrentz, who was holding two poles.

They approached Lafrentz and tried to talk to him; Lafrentz was speaking loudly and acting aggressively.

During the conversation Lafrentz struck Hutcheson in the face with one of the poles.

Upon being struck, Hutcheson fired one shot from his handgun at Lafrentz. No one was hit by the gunshot.

Another bailiff shot Lafrentz with a stun gun, however, he ran away, detaching the stun gun probes.

Davenport Police officers were also on scene.

Lafrentz ran from officers and did not comply with commands to stop. He eventually was apprehended in the area of Warren and 6th streets.

After being taken into custody and handcuffed, Lafrentz assaulted a Davenport police officer.

Lafrentz was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Investigators determine that the pole was a wooden stick wrapped in electrical tape.

The person who was originally assaulted was hit in the arm and hip with the pole and suffered swelling and pain, according to Walton's summary of the incident.

"When he was struck in the face, Hutcheson did not know what the object was, what its immediate effect on him would be, or whether he and the bailiff with him were in danger of a further, possibly deadly, assault," Walton said in the media release.

Hutcheson was placed on paid administrative leave following the incident, per department protocol. His job status was not immediately known Thursday. 

The shooting was investigated by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.