A Rock Island police officer has been arrested on a driving under the influence charge after his car hit a tree and house in the 2500 block of 30th Street.

Chris Halberg, 25, of Rock Island bonded out after posting $100 bond and his driver's license following the accident at 3:05 a.m. Saturday, Rock Island Assistant Chief Jason Foy said Monday. An internal investigation has been started.

He is charged with driving under the influence and improper lane usage, according to Rock Island County court records.

Halberg has been with the police department since September 2010.

Halberg was driving south on 30th Street when he lost control of his car and hit a tree and then a house, according to police reports. He was the only passenger in the car and was uninjured. Rock Island police responded to the accident.

Foy declined to say if Halberg took a field sobriety test at the time of his arrest. He also wouldn't comment on the officer's status with the department, saying it is early in the internal investigation.

No documents were filed Monday in Rock Island County traffic court.

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Oh, we all know cops drink and drive. Yes, they think they are above the law. We know they protect each other. He should be fired.I'm sure he has ruined other people's lives with DUI arrests, let him live it. I know someone who is facing fear over losing a job from a dui, $5,000 between court and atty fees and blew a .090. Ridiculous, karma buddy, karma!



Family man

Sherman, I guess you have some good points there. I didn't think of it like that. See how that works? You don't have to berate people when you disagree with their opinion, just express your thoughts and perhaps they will see something that eluded them before.
Even if law enforcement or judicial system employees did not receive stricter penalties when they break laws maybe they should have to undergo more extensive training or be demoted. I just think that if someone shows complete disregard for the laws that they have sworn to uphold then they can't be very effective in their job.

Family man

Sherman, are you saying that police never get placed on administrative leave with pay pending investigations? How does my comment show a lack of knowledge?
Are police actually given stiffer penalties when convicted of crimes? I was just saying that people that work in law enforcement and the judicial system should be punished more severely when they break the law in my OPINION. That's what this forum is about. It's the comment section , not a fact checking section. Get over yourself.


No, what I am saying is even with your post being an opinion, you have no facts to back up what you are saying.

But, I guess what I objected to the most was your assertion that the police are treated as special and placed on a pedestal and thus are given sort of preferential treatment. In your thinking, there would be no domestic assault charge because we already have assault charges on the books so there is no reason to protect women from baetings by their spouses/significant others. The same with child endangerment charges. Since we already have the same assault charges on the books those darn kids should not be given any special treatment. Nor, should there be hate crime statutes... cuz God knows we already give THOSE people preferntial treatment.

Talk about getting over yourself... please follow your own advice.


Know doubt there would have been no charge if he wouldn't of crashed !! Cops drive "over the limit " all the time but you never hear of one that simply gets stopped and receives a DUI


He will be fired for this one mistake. Seems like a higher standard.

Family man

He will probably be suspended WITH PAY. Penalties should be double for police that break laws. After all, penalties are stricter for someone that assaults an officer rather than a civilian because they are put on a pedestal. If we are to hold them to a higher standard they should be punished as such.


Man, your lack of actual knowlwdge on just about anything really amazes me.


I can't believe I will say this but I agree with you on this one, great example and you are right they should be held to a higher standard

Family man



What purpose does it serve to list his now former employer?


how embarrassing

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