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Kamren Richard Lazzel Bolden

Kamren Richard Lazzel Bolden

A man who testified in two murder trials related to the 2013 death of Derek Jackson is being sought by police.

The Rock Island Police Department is looking for Kamren Bolden, 20, because he is accused of sex offender failure to register, according to a Crime Stoppers post dated April 5. Bolden, convicted of a sex offense as a juvenile, had not registered on schedule and authorities did not know where he was.

Bolden, of Rock Island, testified in the murder trials of Yolanduis L. McDuffie, 25, of Moline, and Aaron D. Henderson II, 25, of Rock Island. Both were accused in the slaying of Jackson, 24, who was shot on Dec. 18, 2013, at his Rock Island home. 

Bolden was a defense witness in the Henderson case — Henderson is his cousin — and a prosecution witness in McDuffie’s trial. In both trials, he implicated McDuffie as the gunman.

Both men were found guilty of one count of first-degree murder in separate trials. The count against each man accused him of planning and participating in the crime that led to  Jackson’s death. Neither Henderson nor McDuffie were convicted of pulling the trigger, though each was also charged under that theory.

Henderson is being retried after his original conviction for one count of first-degree murder was overturned by the Third District Appellate Court last year. He was scheduled for trial on May 21.

McDuffie’s case is going through the appeal process, according to court records.