Mary Marbry has no idea why someone would want to shoot at her home in Rock Island.

Two or three gunshots from outside woke her up shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

After a five-second pause, the shooting let loose, she said.

“All of the sudden they just started firing,” Marbry told the Quad-City Times on Thursday, still shaken from the incident in front of her home at 1214 12th St.

She said she ran downstairs immediately after the shooting because her niece was asleep on a couch in the living room close to the front door. She called 911.

Marbry has heard gunshots rattle her neighborhood before. But in 25 years living on the block, she never witnessed anything like the startling discovery she made after daylight Wednesday morning.

“There’s a clean bullet hole,” she said, pointing to her front porch swing. “The wooden fence got hit. There’s a hole behind the chair and on the porch pillar. There’s one in the fence in the back.”

Five bullets hit her home. Police said hers is the only house on the block that was struck. Multiple neighbors heard 10 to 15 gunshots, and police recovered shell casings from the scene.

“I’m petrified,” she said. “I’ve been here 25 years, and there were incidents before, but nothing like this. There are bullet holes in the front of my house, so many of them. This was just so close.”

Marbry said she doesn’t have a “beef” with anyone and doesn’t know of anyone in her family who does.

She said her son was in an upstairs front bedroom and saw people in a sport utility vehicle shooting toward the house.

Rock Island Deputy Police Chief Jason Foy said officers responding to the call followed an SUV out of the neighborhood and across the Centennial Bridge into Davenport before losing it. As of Thursday, police hadn’t caught a suspect.

“The violence has to stop,” Marbry said.

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Behave dont hang out with the wrong crowd and you wont get get shot, if your lucky.


We all know there is a gang and drug problem in the QC and we know which neighborhoods are the most likely for that activity. Controlling the gang and drug problem will solve the problem.


Time for the gun grabbers to step up.

I would agree to a total gun ban under the following conditions.

All the gun grabbers put their names in a hat. For every person killed by a gun after the ban is imposed. A name will be pulled from the hat, and that persons life will be terminated.

Now I'll asked the questions again. Do you think gun bans really work? LOL

coffee cup
coffee cup

If the house had a gun, it could have defended itself. Think about that gun grabbers!


Why don't all you good liberals pool your money and buy this house from this woman? LOL

Yeah, that's what I thought. LOL


This is the perfect example of why even the easiest of problems can't be solved. When you have intellectually uneducated dumb masses such as Coffee Cup posting ignorant comments like this one, how can you begin to solve any problems? Give a house a gun to fight back? I hope you didn't think of more than 2 seconds before you came up with that lame comeback because if you did it really hurts your chances of carrying an intelligent conversation on any topic.

coffee cup
coffee cup




Really? Bullets hit a Rock Island house? Not a Bettendorf, Eldridge, Silvis, Coal Valley homes?


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