As many as 10 to 15 gunshots were heard early Wednesday in a Rock Island neighborhood, and a house was struck, police said.

The gunshots were fired at 3:24 a.m. around the intersection of 12th Street and 12th Avenue, Rock Island Deputy Police Chief Jason Foy said.

The house at 1214 12th St. was hit, Foy said, adding that he’s unclear if it was an intended target as the incident remains under investigation.

Two female victims ages 58 and 66 were inside the home, according to a police report. No one was injured.

Police followed a sport utility vehicle out of the neighborhood and across the Centennial Bridge into Davenport before losing it, Foy said.

Police are not sure how the vehicle was involved in the shots fired or if at all, Foy added.

He said multiple neighbors heard the 10 to 15 gunshots, and police recovered shell casings from the scene.

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Come on Rock Island put some cameras up in this area and start monitoring this neighborhood. I've got more cameras pointed at my house than you do in the whole city. Bigger cities have been doing this for years.


Haha i picked up your sarcasm. I thought it was obvious. People are silly

Arc Angel

Rock Island Rocks shooting team?


Everyone, lighten up. My obviously misguided attempt at sarcasm was missed by all of you. My apologies. I was trying to make a point that Dear Leader's "common sense gun laws" would do absolutely nothing to stop criminals.


Well , I'll be the first to apologize too you, You alwas tend to wonder sometimes if someone is beign sarcastic, but with this gun/ban issues what you wrote is exactly as most anti-gun people think, with no though of "will this actually work." If I am trying to be sarcastic I usually leave the phrase (sarcasm) in the post somewhere. My apologies.


You guys are right. Since we aren't banning guns, let's remove the bans on murder and other violent crimes as well. Bad people will clearly do them regardless, so there aren't any sensible reasons to ban murder and violent crime.


If you remove a ban on murder and violent crime that would make it legal to kill and harm people. Its not illegal to shoot a gun, it's illegal to use that gun to kill or injure someone, and there are hundreds of ways someone can murder someone without a gun, blunt force to the head, stragultation,stabbing,running them down with a vehicle, poisoning,just to name a few. How would banning guns stop criminals from killing and injuring people if it is already illegal to do that??? Is there a magic wand somewhere that someone is going to wave and all guns will disappear and criminals everywhere will start obeying the law. Guns are banned in schools or businesses yet people are still getting killed at these very places, how is that possible?? Handguns are banned in the Chicago city limits yet there where over 500 gun realated homicides last year alone. How could that be, it seems strange that it isn't all unicorns and rainbows in Chicago with that gun ban. Maybe the answer is to make the "Gun Free zone" signs bigger is it possible that the shooters just can't see the sign?


Kaenom- All of what you said dosen't apply to this shooting, WAKE THE HECK UP!!!!!!, these aren't law abbiding gun owners. They are criminals who either bought the gun and ammunition illegally or stole it. You think there going to care about a ban on assult weapons and magazines. How many criminals do you know that obey the law??? Did they care that the bullets may have hit someone? The answer is NO!!!!!!!!! STUPID, STUPID,STUPID.


Eliminate alcohol and we can prevent drunk driving deaths. In other words...responsibility. I drink and I don't drive drunk and I have a gun and I don't go around shooting people.


Tougher background checks, an assault weapons ban, a ban on magazines with capacity over 10 rounds, and closing the "gun show loophole" would have prevented this.


In Illinois if you possess a gun, you must have a FOID card. Doesn't matter how you got the gun.

Do you really think criminals obey the law. LOL

Put down the pipe before it kills you. lol


We have a ban on Marijuanna, how well is that working??? Obviously not well because you must be smoking some if you think banning all that is going to prevent these situations. How is it going to be any different then it is now?? Law abbiding citizens already follow the rules and don't go around shooting people. DUH!!!! So putting more rules in place THAT ONLY LAW ABBIDING CITIZENS WILL FOLLOW does not solve anything. Actually you know what It makes sense now, If we ban and make more laws it makes you feel safer. Sleep easy knowing that criminal world wide put obeying laws at the very top of their priority list.


And add a ban on firing any weapons bwtween 3:23 to 3:25AM and its covered.

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