MORRISON, Ill. — A judge on Friday denied Nicholas Sheley’s motion to have charges against him dismissed, keeping his Oct. 22 trial in Whiteside County on murder and other charges on track.

Sheley filed a hand-written motion earlier this month seeking to have charges against him related to the death of Russell Reed dismissed, arguing that the state had failed to comply with his request for a speedy trial.

Reed was the first of eight people authorities say Sheley killed during a weeklong spree in June 2008.

Last year, Sheley was tried and convicted in Knox County for the first-degree murder of Ronald Randall of Galesburg.

On Friday, Judge F. Michael Meersman ruled that the clock on Sheley’s charges in Whiteside County related to Reed’s death did not start until November 2011, when the Knox County case concluded with Sheley being sentenced to life in prison.

Meersman also ruled that the subsequent delays in the trial were attributable to the defense.

Attorneys for the defense and the prosecution were asked to have a list of probable witnesses and evidence before an Oct. 9 pretrial hearing. The state has sought to limit the defense’s ability to introduce evidence of the possible criminal activity of some state witnesses that have not resulted in convictions.

Sheley’s attorney, Jeremy Karlin, said the state plans to call at least three witnesses who have criminal charges pending against them, including Sheley’s wife, Holly Sheley.

Sheley still faces charges related to the deaths of four people in Rock Falls and an Arkansas couple who were killed while vacationing near St. Louis.

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Pyr0 I agree. I am tired of seeing his face in the papers. Makes me sick to the stomach each time.


This is bundy all over again, we need to turn the electric chair back on...

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