No charges will be filed against a man who shot and killed Nicholas Jordan Luskey the morning of Feb. 1 in Camanche, Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf said in a news release issued Friday.

Wolf said that after thoroughly investigating the case, it was apparent that Derick D. Carroll, 25, shot the 22-year-old Luskey, of Fulton, Illinois, in self-defense.

According to Wolf, the morning Luskey was shot, he had camped out in a driveway near the Camanche dwelling of a woman he had dated off and on from late-2015 through mid-2016 so he could watch her. 

Carroll was at the woman’s residence that morning and did not have a car there as the woman had given him a ride to her place. The woman had to be at work at 10 a.m. Surveillance video at the woman’s residence shows Carroll getting into the passenger side of her car at 9:25 a.m. A minute later, the woman got into the driver’s seat to leave for work.

When the woman got in her car, she saw Luskey’s car speeding into the alley in which she was driving. Their cars were nose-to-nose. The woman put her car into reverse and backed up. The faster she drove, the faster Luskey would drive.

The woman backed onto 5th Avenue and tried to put her car in drive, but accidentally put it in park. Luskey parked his vehicle on 5th Avenue to block the woman from driving forward.

Luskey then approached the passenger side of the woman’s vehicle. At this time Carroll told the woman to call 911. Carroll, who has a valid permit to carry a firearm, showed Luskey that he was armed.

Carroll put the gun away after showing it to Luskey, but Luskey opened the passenger-side door and proceed to attack Carroll. Luskey then pulled Carroll out of the car and the two proceeded to fight on the ground.

Carroll tried pulling the gun again in the hopes of de-escalating the situation when Luskey grabbed the weapon’s barrel and tried to take the gun away from Carroll.

Carroll was losing his grip on the weapon and was afraid that if Luskey got the gun both he and the woman would be shot. Carroll pulled the trigger while Luskey was still on top of him. The bullet struck Luskey in the abdomen. The autopsy indicated that Luskey had injuries to his hands consistent with him holding the barrel of the weapon, a Kahr CT-9 9mm, with which he was shot.

Luskey was taken to Mercy Medical Center, Clinton, and then transferred to the University Hospital, Iowa City, where he died about 2:45 p.m. that day.

According to Wolf’s news release, at 9:24 a.m. Feb. 1, Luskey sent a text message to a friend saying that, “If you see me in jail for murder just know it was worth it for me.”

Wolf said that after the shooting Carroll secured the gun and waited for authorities. The testimony of Carroll and the woman is supported by statements from other witnesses, as well as video, recovered text messages and the autopsy of Luskey.