LaMOTTE, Iowa — A LaMotte man was charged after he allegedly threatened to kill a state dairy inspector in March.

Jackson County Deputy Steve Schroeder said the dairy inspector was not injured. The inspector's name was not released.

Alfred Thoma, 37, was charged this week  with second-degree harassment.

Thoma is accused of threatening to kill the dairy inspector and throw his body into the ditch in an incident at 2 p.m. March 28 at 24003 400th St.

The state dairy inspector was doing a routine inspection at the Thoma farm. Another dairy inspector was with him at the time, but apparently was not threatened, according to court records.


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You don't think that the food we eat should be inspected?

You don't think that the way that our food is produced should be held to an agreed upon standard?

As a 'free market' what - Republican, Libertarian, I have no idea what you call yourself - do you really think that there should be no inspections and every time you go shopping it should be spin the wheel and see what disease we get this time from unpasteurized milk or milk from diseased cows? Abe Lincoln's mother, by the way, died from exactly this, but, hey, it was all free market and no inspections in the early 19th century!

Truly, you are on the wrong side of history. The vast majority of Americans (humans) really, really want food inspections.

Taxpayers are the victims? Good Lord, not everything is about taxes. And, I bet I pay more in taxes than you do.


Sounds like an anti-regulation, anti-inspection Republican. Should probably move to Texas.

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