Three juveniles between the ages of 13 and 15 years old are in custody after leading Bettendorf police on chase in a stolen car Friday morning.

Bettendorf police Capt. Keith Kimball said three males already have extensive records “for doing this exact same thing.” He added that all three teens have outstanding arrest warrants or juvenile detainers on them.

One of the teens was on escape status out of an Illinois juvenile facility, he said. The teen had escaped the facility, stole a car and drove to Davenport, police said.

“These three juveniles are well-known to law enforcement,” Kimball said.

Kimball said he could not release the names of the suspects Friday night.

Each is charged with second-degree theft, a Class D felony under Iowa law that carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

Additionally, the driver of the car is charged with felony eluding and assault on a police officer with a vehicle, both of which are Class D felonies.

Kimball said that at about 10:50 a.m. Friday, a Bettendorf detective in an unmarked squad car was in the area of 39th and State streets checking out the parking lot of an apartment complex for stolen vehicles or possible suspects.

“We’ve had a number of stolen vehicles popping up in the parking lot of one of the apartment complexes in the area,” Kimball said.

While surveilling the parking lot, the detective noticed the teens get into a silver Toyota Corolla and head west on State Street. A check of the license plate showed the car to be stolen out of Davenport.

Kimball said that they tried to get officers coordinated to deploy a Stop Stick device to disable the car.

The car went north on 23rd Street before turning around in a dead-end area and heading southbound on 23rd Street.

One of the Bettendorf officers tried to block the car as it headed south on 23th Street, but the vehicle went around the squad car and fled the area at a high rate of speed.

The car then headed west on Grant Street, Kimball said.

“I saw the car and it was flying,” he said.

However, Kimball said they were not going to pursue the teens until the driver attempted to swipe one of the officers with the car.

One of the Bettendorf officers was at about 16th and Grant streets trying to deploy a Stop Stick device. The officer ran back to his car, which was parked on the south side of Grant Street, and the teen driving the Corolla swerved in the officer’s direction.

It was at that point that Kimball and the other command staff chose to pursue and get the teens under arrest.

The driver of the stolen Corolla turned north on Greenwood Avenue and crashed into a tree near Greenwood Avenue and Wood Lane.

All three of the teens fled the car. However, two were quickly captured.

The other one evaded police for an hour, Kimball said.

Davenport police officers joined the pursuit to help Bettendorf officers in case the teen made it into Davenport.

Kimball said that a woman in the 2600 block of Wood Lane called police and said a teen had just tried to get into a maintenance van that was parked in her driveway. The van was locked and the teen left. She told police the teen ran around a carriage house on the property.

Police flooded the area and found him hiding in a stairwell of the carriage house.

All three teens were taken to the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center.