Moline police captured two Texas men as they tried to run from the scene of a burglary Wednesday.

Officers responded to a residential burglary in progress at 3512 12th St. Court shortly after 1 p.m., Moline Police Detective Scott Williams said.

The first officers who arrived saw two men leaving the rear door of the home and run westbound through the woods. The men were taken into custody within minutes by responding patrol officers.

Williams said a white SUV was observed in the area before the burglary. It is believed that vehicle was associated with the break-in.

The men allegedly forced their way into the home through the front door.

Arrested on charges of residential burglary were Ortiz O. Marangeli, 26, and Luis Madera-Martinez, 29.

They were being held Wednesday night in the Rock Island County Jail without bond, pending a first appearance in Rock Island County Circuit Court at 1 p.m. Thursday.

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zetar you must be german to say we are on the wrong side of history.
Taking away guns only makes your enemy stronger.


Moline gets all the good thugs Enjoy


Just waiting for mommakelly to start blaming the homeowner for these guys breaking into it. Or figure out how to blame the NRA, whichever delusional justification she can think of.


The NRA exists to promote gun sales.

People are safer without guns (Homes with guns had a nearly three times greater risk of homicide and a nearly five times greater risk of suicide than those without - New England Journal of Medicine).

Over 80% of Americans believe that assault weapons should be banned.

You're on the wrong side of history.


Kudos to the neighbor who reported it. We all need to look out for each other.


Kudos to the Moline PD and RI County Sheriff for capturing these guys, hopefully the catch the driver too. Who knows how many more homes they would have hit, had the not been caught, before the traveled to the next state or back to Texas.

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