An Illinois woman who admitted she had a gambling addiction when she embezzled $124,000 from a Quad-City staffing agency was sentenced Thursday to probation.

Scott County District Judge Mark Cleve told 40-year-old Heather Quist of Carbon Cliff that if she violates her probation, she'll face 20 years in prison.

She had pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree theft.

"I want to teach my children that if you own up to what you've done, there is some sort of forgiveness," Quist said in court.

Cleve said he was giving Quist probation so she can work to pay off what she stole from Chenhall's Staffing, 2119 E. 12th St., Davenport, where she worked at least two years as a recruitment specialist.

Court records state Quist issued checks to herself from the company's checking account without authorization and deposited the checks into two different banking institutions.

When issuing checks to herself, she forged the name of the company’s owner, Bob Hickman, records state.

She accused of embezzling $124,812.92 from the company account from October 2010 to December 2012.

"She's very embarrassed about what happened," her attorney, Jean Capdevila, said.

Capdevila said Quist suffers an addictive personality disorder, including a gambling addiction, as well as bipolar disorder.

Quist said in court that she's seeking therapy for her gambling addiction and hasn't gambled in a year.

Hickman, who appeared at her sentencing, declined comment afterward.

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The moral of the story is....... EMBEZZLE........
If a man/woman were to get caught with a few rocks of cocaine and a few thousand dollars they are facing 20 years in federal prison, if you steal from your employer 53 million or 100 thousand you do little to no time in prison..
I would say neither one of them are right and neither crime is worse than the other except one is "white collar crime" and the other is "minority color crime". You tell me who gets more time???? UNJUST!!!!


You got to be joking? I bet you can't find one black person (1) who stole 100 K and got probation. Don't tell me your race does not play a factor? Had this been a black defendant they would have come up with federal charges. Scott County is a JOKE but it ain't funny.


Obviously you don't remember Pachino Hill. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with gender. It also has to do with the fact that most of our Judges in Scott County are complete morons. Sad thing is they are elected.


WHAT! BULLCRAP! Its a felony should have her butt in prison! Men and women have been in prison for not paying child support for less than that! What the heck!!!


Is that all you have to do nowadays is claim you have an addiction, and all you get for the crime you commit is Probation? Talk about a broken system.


Part of why Rita Crumwell went to prison was because she stole MILLIONS; the woman here's take was pocket change. That, and the fact that Mrs. Crumwell thought of taxpayers as "lee-till een-seects" ...

That said, yes, I agree that at least some jail time is deserved. I get that she was a gambling addict, but c'mon ... a disorder? Please!

Owning up to something also means accepting the consequences, even if it's not pleasant.


You can make an argument against jailing non violent offenders. I haven't made up my mind yet on this one. But notice the lady from Dixon went to jail.

QC Father

The lady from Dixon, Illinois..... ripped off a government entity. Illinois will send people to jail, including the Governors... lol.

QC Father

I hate to say it, but this is another clear example of a double standard that our court system has. If she were a HE, HE would be doing time. I am currently in a court drama myself. There isn't one law in favor of the man. My daughters has paid nothing in child support for over 10 years, and she hasn't done one second of jail time, because she is pretty.
Had that been me, I am quite sure I would have been labeled a dead beat dad, and people would look down on me for not paying my child support, but not in Iowa. Not when a woman is involved.

There is no justice in the eyes of the law in Iowa, sad... but true.

QC Father

my daughter MOTHER, sorry.


That was my first thought, she pulled the mommy card. A man never would have gotten away with probation.


Our judicial system is sad. A woman can plead GUILTY to stealing over One hundred Thousand dollars!! AND GET PROBATION? This is a sorry verdict. How can we ever believe in justice when we see these rulings more and more? This won’t be the last. This is deeply troubling. People spend YEARS in Prison for possession and less. But If you steel, as long as you have an addiction?? You will get away with it??? Really!!

senor citizen

The State Lottery and those darn Casinos got her hooked on wagering. They should be made to pay, no one is responsible for their own actions. It's always the other guy's fault, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


So you plead guilty so the facts can be avoided, make all sorts of excuses, create a "gambling" problem (my butt!) rather than admit to a lavish lifestyle, and the courts expect that you can get someone to hire you so you can pay it back. This travesty of justice is a sick as this woman is,.

Arc Angel



Steals over 100,000 dollars and gets probation? Meanwhile how many people caught with a few ounces of weed are sitting in a jail cell? Apparently white collar crime pays.


Who wrote this article? 2 yr old could form sentences better than this reporter. .lol


What happened to the work release program? Crime seems to pay in Iowa. What a joke!

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