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Trinity Moline

Michael and Stefanie Ducey, Moline, girl, Sept. 28.

Fire calls


No calls reported.



9:09 a.m., 729 N. LeClaire St., smoke.

12:59 p.m., 1607 W. 12th St., smoke.

1:54 p.m., 727 Iowa St., smoke.

3:05 p.m., 908 Pershing Ave., smoke.

4:37 p.m., 1331 W. Locust St., lock-out.

6:25 p.m., 224 E. 6th St., smoke.

6:32 p.m., N. Division St., investigate.

6:56 p.m., 419 LeClaire St., investigate.

9:07 p.m., 2043 N. Zenith Ave., police matter.

False alarms: 6.



10:35 a.m., 1100 13th Ave., coal bin fire.



Report not available.



8:12 a.m., 2929 5th Ave., investigate.

6:32 p.m., 3400 21st Ave., illegal burn.

10:09 p.m., 2531 29th St., investigate.

False alarms: 3.

Building permits


Lloyd Fonger, 505 45th Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $37,872.

Ray Schatteman, 3501 Archer Dr., residential remodel, Hazelwood Homes Inc., $12,000.

PR Enterprises LLC, 990 Avenue of the Cities #4, sign, The Sign Shop Inc., $14,000.


Deborah Wickard, 2037 38th St., residential addition, Durham Remodeling & Repair, $19,250.

Charles Langman, 300 34th Ave., commercial addition, General Constructors Inc., $1,406,652.

Victoria Jeffers, 2924 30th St., deck, Additional Design & Build, $6,260.

Renaissance Gold Ltd., 1725-1731 2nd Ave., commercial addition, JW Summy Contracting Corp., $5,200.

Matt Parker Jr., 701 12th Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $14,479.

Osborn Contracting Inc., 24 Chippiannock Place, single-family dwelling, $460,350.

Jareldeen Palos, 2542 30th St., residential addition, Olive Construction Co., $18,000.

Alex Maidak, 3101 36th St., residential remodel, $8,700.

O. Mozell, 8110 42nd St. W., residential remodel, Mid-American Glazing Systems, $16,500.

Diab and Nada Hassan, 49 Wildwood Dr., residential addition, Zelnio Construction, $22,000.

Estate of Sidney Deutsch, 1831 3rd Ave., commercial remodel, MI Construction, $31,500.

Dennis Williams, 2429 13th Ave., residential remodel, $3,150.

Chris Allison, 1604 36th St., residential remodel, $4,000.

Leo Simmons, 501 20th St., commercial remodel, Arcos Construction, $3,500.

Worth America Hagemeyer, 7920 14th St. W., commercial addition and remodel, Diamond Builders of the QC Inc., $19,525.

Sam and Wendy Davis, 1335 44th St., residential addition, $2,715.

Dial Properties Co., 4000 46th Ave., commercial remodel, Arona Corp., $95,000.

Karples Manuscript Library, 700 22nd St., sign, Lange Sign Group, $5,400.

1830 Development LLC, 1733 30th St., sign, Acme Sign Co. Inc., $3,600.

Julius Thornton, 1012 21st Ave., sign, Acme Sign Co Inc., $4,500.

Dan Lorentzen, 2108 3rd Ave., sign, Acme Sign Co. Inc., $1,500.

Dan Lorentzen, 2106 3rd Ave., sign, Acme Sign Co. Inc., $1,500.


Jason Dennhardt, 9224 217th St., Port Byron, single-family dwelling, $179,440.

Lanny Biehler, 24524 80th Ave. N., Port Byron, deck, $6,480.

Tommy May, 4112 230th St. N., Port Byron, residential addition, $5,000.

Ben Fisher, 2343 S. High St., Port Byron, residential addition, $16,560.

Derrick Lack, 21925 60th Ave., Port Byron, deck, $6,400.

Deb Deporter, 1457 N. Shore Dr., Moline, residential remodel, $10,600.

Gary and Becky Harris, 4712 55th Ave., Moline, residential addition, JB & D Siding & Windows, $22,500.

Mike Morrell, 8627 54th St., Coal Valley, residential addition, Larsen Klauer Builders, $85,000.

Chris Reynolds, 2303 Big Island, Milan, residential addition, $20,790.

Chris and Joyce Tobias, 5127 120th Ave., Coal Valley, residential addition, $4,340.

Robert Smart, 11528 22nd St., Milan, residential addition, Mathias Construction, $14,000.

Gary Buckwalter, 13328 42nd St. W., Milan, residential addition, Taylor Garages Inc., $13,500.

Russell Burton, 11701 29th St. W., Milan, residential addition, Taylor Garages Inc., $16,000.

James and Linda Bean, 5919 120th Ave., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $5,952.

Linda and Rob French, 13917 143rd St. W., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $20,400.

Bruce Jacques, 10301 96th St., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $17,136.

Joann Conover, 13411 198th St. W., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $4,960.

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