The city of Davenport reminds residents that snow or ice must be cleared within 10 hours after a snowfall for pedestrian safety. This is especially important for households located near schools, where young pedestrian traffic is much higher.

When a sidewalk has not been cleared within the allotted time, the city may clear the sidewalk and bill the property owner without advance notice. If snow or ice has become packed and difficult to remove, it must be covered with salt, sand, sawdust, ashes or some other non-slippery or adhesive substance to make the sidewalk safe to use. For more information, call the city’s Community Services Division at 563-326-6198.

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I shovel my side walk and drive way and also in front of my mail boxes within a couple of hours after the snow has stopped, I shovel in front of the mail box so the mail carrier can get to it without having any trouble. Now here is what happens the city comes along four days later and pushes all that snow plus ice back into my drive way blocking entry to the drive way and the mail boxes and now they have the nerve to threaten everyone. I would like to bill the city for having to remove the ice that they shoved back into my drive way also blocking the mail box, because they are four days late doing their job.


Amen to that! They've been doing that for years, and don't expect it to change. It's to bad you can't send the city a ticken!


Granted I don't know anyone who has been fined within 10 hrs so don't worry about it. This City could never get someone to your residence that quickly anyway.


Just be thankful you have an ordinance. I don't know how many children and grandparents and everyone in between I've seen walking in the streets in RI. Sure shoveling is no fun, but it beats the alternative!


sounds like moline


So they just got done saying there is nothing they can do about the ice on the street, but you better get it off your sidewalk or you get a fine. Sounds fair.


I think that's fair enough. I do question, can we remove the snow and ice from the streets and bill the City? Kids do have to cross streets, too!

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