DES MOINES — A Quad-City lawyer is prohibited from practicing law for at least six months after involvement in an unlawful real estate deal. 

Paul Bieber, a Davenport attorney, pleaded guilty last year to a felony for his role in overstating the value of a home in a transaction. He was given probation and ordered restitution.

The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday suspended his license for six months.

Also suspended for six months was the license of former Clarke County Attorney Ronald Wheeler who falsified information on a home loan application to help a client. He pleaded guilty last year and was given probation and ordered to pay more than $800,000 restitution.

Justice David Wiggins, in a strongly worded dissent, says their licenses should be revoked because a person who uses a law license to steal is unfit to practice law.

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Please God I don't ask for too much, so could you let me steal $800,000.00 and get probation. Please! Don't tell me crime doesn't pay. It pays good. Not talking about going to rob the corner store.. Talking about the good old boys looking out for heir crew. Anyone else not an attorney would be in jail, if you had $800K in restitution. You got to be kidding $800K in restitution and you don't go to jail and keep your job! Only in America. One last thing, while reading this story I would have bet my life it was no a African American who did this? They would have brought the electric chair right to the courtroom. Just being real.

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