Davenport’s sewer, solid waste and other rates are headed up in fiscal year 2014 under increases that already are planned to go into effect.

The multi-year increases were previously approved by the Davenport City Council during consideration of the current fiscal year’s budget.

Aldermen reviewed those and other fee increases at a weekend budget session. A final budget will be presented to the council later this month, with a possible public hearing on Feb. 20, interim Finance Director Brandon Wright said. Last year’s budget was $193.36 million.

Under the two-year plan approved in February 2012, aldermen agreed to a 5 percent sewer tax and an 11.9 percent increase to the clean water fund. The average residential sewer bill will increase $14.56 per year. Clean water bills will increase $3 per year.

Cart costs for solid waste will also go up 50 cents per month, or $6 per year, in the next fiscal year.

Those fees are also expected to increase in fiscal year 2015, with the sewer rate to grow by 15 percent with more modest increases for the other two.

The council also will consider an increase to greens fees at two of the city-owned courses. Emeis and Duck Creek golf courses will increase their 18-hole rates by $1 for weekday and twilight rounds in the 2013 season. Those increases wouldn’t affect senior golfers or golfers with standing tee times.

Ice rental fees will also be increased 5 percent if aldermen approve it, boosting annual revenues by $10,000.


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How much more do we tax payers have to endure. This is the reason the city has no reason buying a casino. So if times get tough with the casino the city will just raise the prices or hurt the customer by taking more of their money. We city of Davenport citizens need to wake up and stop the city from raising all of our fees and taxes. The city says that if they buy the casino our taxes will not raise and possibly decrease. My property taxes last year went up $200.00 last year. I called the city and they said we have not raised taxes, but your assesed value went up.That to me is raising taxes. So the city can always have an excuse. When riverboat gambling was first sold to us they said the money would go to the schools and lower taxes. Our schools struggle to make budget and our property taxes go up every year. Yeah city you can say assesed value went up and not a raise on taxes. We are not stupid people a rat is a rat. If you think that you want to own a casino then you need to understand that you only spend what you have and not raise everything to your customer. Due to Davenport's irresponsibility I will sell my house and move out of this city if they buy this casino before they can not pay back the bonds and the tax payers have to pay the $50 million loss.

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