The Davenport City Council was presented Wednesday with a balanced $188.16 million with no tax increase for fiscal year 2014, down nearly 18 percent from four years earlier.

The budget, with $34.2 million in capital improvements is a 4.2 percent decrease over the current budget and down

17.8 percent from the $228.9 million budget of fiscal year 2011. Aldermen will vote on the budget at next week’s council meeting.

Though the property tax rate of $16.78 per $1,000 of assessed value will stay the same, several fees are increasing through previously approved hikes.

The budget does have a slight effect on employment. A community service specialist position in the police department and one firefighter position will be frozen. Two part-time positions — public services cashier in the Finance Department and a senior clerk in the library — are being eliminated. None of those positions currently is filled.

The budget was presented with an eye toward fiscal year 2015 when a $950,000 budget gap is anticipated. It does continue the uptick in the city’s general fund balance, with a projected 14 percent balance in fiscal year 2014.

Residents will see their sewer tax increase an average of $14.56 per year average in fiscal year 2014. The clean water fund will have a $3 per year increase while solid waste cart fees will increase $6 per year.

Recreation wasn’t immune either, with a $1 increase for weekday and twilight 18-hole rounds and ice rental fees will increase 5 percent.

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