Davenport aldermen welcomed new taxpayers and neighbors to town Wednesday as they met homebuyers in the city’s urban homestead program.

Mychael Jones, who is buying a house at 411 W. 8th St., read a poem to the council, while Kyle Johnson told aldermen he was excited about his purchase of 509 W. 16th St.

The four houses being sold through the program are priced at $68,000, $74,000, $75,000 and $77,000. The other two are located at 924 Tremont Ave. and 1407 W. 15th St.

Jones told aldermen he and his fiancee were lucky to get to pick first and said “it is a beautiful house.”

“Thanks for giving us a chance,” he said, reading his poem. “It makes me want to dance.”

Using state and federal grants, the program renovated four vacant houses and sold them to people who met income criteria.

“It is wonderful to have new taxpayers,” Alderman Gene Meeker, at large, joked to Jones and Johnson.

Aldermen Bill Boom, 3rd Ward, and Ray Ambrose, 4th Ward, welcomed the homebuyers who will be living in their wards.

Housing was a prime topic for the council. Aldermen will approve a nine-lot subdivision east of Waverly Road and south of West Locust Street at their meeting next week.

Also, Art Norris, representing the Quad-Cities Waterkeeper organization, asked the council to reconsider its third vote approving the rezoning of 2.77 acres near East Kimberly Road and Welcome Way, saying aldermen didn’t have all the information he could provide regarding stormwater runoff before they voted. A developer wants to build a multi-family development on the site.

Mayor Bill Gluba said the council would have to take the action at its meeting next week. One of the aldermen who voted in the affirmative would have to move to reconsider the vote. The third consideration of the zoning request passed 8-2 last week.