The Davenport City Council will meet with Kehl Development Corp. officials in a work session Wednesday ahead of the council's regularly scheduled meeting.

The meeting is to be an introduction between aldermen and representatives of Kehl Development, including CEO Dan Kehl. Kehl's company is in the process of purchasing the Rhythm City casino from the Isle of Capri and intends to build a $110 million land-based casino along the Interstate 80 corridor.

Officials with Kehl met once with city economic development staff and Aldermen Mike Matson, 8th Ward, and Gene Meeker, at large, in June. Both sides called that meeting encouraging.

It is uncertain what type of assistance, if any, the casino developer would seek from the city. Kehl has said he wants the casino located near the Brady Street intersection with the interstate.

Kehl still must complete an agreement with the Riverboat Development Authority, the nonprofit entity that holds the state license for the Rhythm City.

Last month, the Isle of Capri announced a non-transferable option agreement with Kehl, giving the company until Sept. 15 to exercise it with an extension to Oct. 15 if necessary. Kehl and the Isle have agreed to a purchase price of $51 million. Dan Kehl has said that a final asset purchase agreement could be executed by January's Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission meeting.

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Family man

Huddle? More like cuddle!!!


I wish people would stop calling the casino a private business and stating the city should not be buying a private business. A casino in Iowa is NOT a private business - it can not run without a contract with a government body (city or county) and the license is given from the State of Iowa to the local government. No other business - Northpark, etc., - is like this. Yes the River Bandits have a contract with the city but that is only because they are using a city owned building. The city is already very involved in the casino business so why not allow them to own and run the casino?

Downtrodden are completely, 100% correct in your characterization. Those commenting in the negative on this issue probably don't live in Davenport so don't want the community to flourish.


NO way the City walks away from a steady stream of casino income of $10 million a year they would have gotten if working with Rodney Blackwell. Kehl will only demand city tax credits and breaks and will renigg like ole Bettendorf Bernie did for all those years. City has to approve any deal and also has the right to sue Isle for all of their broken contracts over the years, not to mention the FTC is looking under the rock at unfair trade practices. This story isn't over yet. Stay tuned...


They can build this in Walcott if the city keeps putting road blocks up. It is a county license.


True, they COULD build it in Walcott. It is POSSIBLE, but it would be against the City of Davenport's interest to let that happen. They would sue Isle and tie it up in court enough so be back to square one. Snowman, do you live in Bettendorf or Walcott? Because you obviously are cheering for the residents of Davenport to be the losers in this battle.


Cheering against? Are you six? There is a correct way And a wrong way. There never was 10 mil for Dav. All on paper and a study they did to push their idea again. All other studies were wrong. This could cost taxpayers millions to cover their near purchase. Keep doing same and keep getting same result.


snowman05 - you are right no tax money will go toward the purchase but just wait and see how much tax money is asked for by the Kehl family in order to build the new casino. And Kehl will give the city very little money back compared to what the city could have gotten if it purchased the casino. Every casino owner in the past has screwed the city but yet the public would not let the city buy the casino and be their own boss.


Well if you believe another study put together by the City of Davenport then good for you. Every study they have done past ten plus years about how much each project was going to bring in have been wrong! From the river center, to the Figgie, to the RMC, to the Bridge, to the Adler, each project is costing the city every year.

I do not believe the study of how much money they believe would come in. It is all on paper and means nothing. The City was going to use tax payer money to the tune of 50 mil plus. It will take a long time to recover that and maybe they won't. Bloombergs business journal thought it was risky at best. I trust them over Malin and company.


Hey, the new AMTRAK train will bring hundreds of people from Chicago to see our Sky Bridge! Maybe thousands!


No, but many people will travel between Iowa City and the Quad Cities.

Hundreds of people make the drive every day. There are a lot of jobs in Iowa City as well as the University and the Hospital but housing is expensive. It could be very beneficial for a lot of people to establish commerce between these two points.


What else should the city buy? How about the River Bandits? North Park Mall? Maybe the city should buy all the private businesses in town and run everything!


The city couldn't run a water plant. There was something that everyone has to pay each month. Had to sell it years ago.


You realize private money is being used to purchase the casino?

Kehl is purchasing the casino not the city. So NO tax money is going towards the purchase.


Two things I don't like about this

First is the Casino is worth only $41 million so demanding $51 million after breaking nearly every other aspect of your Contract is akin to Blackmail

Who do you think will eventually end up paying for that $10 million difference? 100 to 1 odds says it's the Taxpayers of Davenport ...... by Hook or by Crook

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