A Davenport resident, tired of handing out hundreds of pieces of candy during trick-or-treat hours that differ from other cities, wants the Davenport City Council to consider a change.

Dale Gilmour, who has lived on Fairhaven Court for 20 years, asked the council at its meeting last week to change its trick-or-treat hours from Oct. 30 to Oct. 31 to match up with the rest of the Quad-Cities. Davenport’s Halloween parade is on Oct. 31. The city coordinates the parade.

“We get literally vanloads of trick-or-treaters,” Gilmour said. “I’m tired of it.

“I think the city needs to coordinate. It is a matter of logic to me.”

Trick-or-treat hours are listed on this week’s council meeting as a discussion item. The council meets at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall, 226 W. 4th St.

Gilmour’s neighborhood, just north of Kimberly Road, is easily accessible from Interstate 74. Many of the cars and minivans dropping off trick-or-treaters, he said, have Illinois license plates.

A trick-or-treat invasion is OK with Terri Rabe, who has lived on Fairhaven Court for four years. She dresses as a witch to meet the steady stream of children.

“I get a big charge out of it,” she said. “Anybody else living here would probably be mad.

“A lot of people around here will shut their lights off early.”

Alderman Jeff Justin, 6th Ward, who represents Gilmour, welcomes a discussion.

“I think it is worth considering,” he said. “I’ve heard it from more people than just Dale.”

Mayor Bill Gluba said he, too, sees an influx of ghosts, ladybugs and princesses in his neighborhood around Gaines Street. He calls the Halloween eve trick-or-treating and the parade a Davenport tradition. The parade started in 1946.

Petitions or requests to move trick-or-treating have popped up in the past, but the date has never changed, Gluba said. He sees that it can be a financial issue but also that it is part of Davenport’s welcoming attitude.

“I can go with what the majority of the City Council wants to do,” he said. “It is not the kind of issue that keeps me up late at night worrying.”

That is what Gilmour expects. He said he saw heads nod when he spoke Wednesday, but that means little.

“I think most of the aldermen don’t have the problem — ‘Oh, I get 35 trick-or-treaters,’” he said. “Come to my neighborhood and have 335. If people don’t have the problem, they don’t do anything.”

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Hey Dale - If you're just oh-so tired of handing out so much candy - ever thought about not participating in the holiday and turn off your light? Hmm.. seems like "a matter of logic to me." Just another complainer finding something to complain about!

big bison
big bison

As a former Davenport native, this issue has been in my craw for decades. When will Davenport stop holding Halloween hostage for their parochial parade?? But then, lack of timing is a Davenport hallmark. For example, the Festival of Trees Christmas concert the day after Thanksgiving, and Red, White & Boom - the local fireworks fair - the 3rd of July. Sadly, Davenport just doesn't get it.


Bobaloo, the children could spend the nights of October 30 and 31 learning to read, write, and cipher.


HEY DAVENPORT I'M TIRED OF IT TOO!!! Tricker treating should be on HALLOWEEN NIGHT plain and simple like our near by CITIES, STATES and NATION!! OK I pay homeowner taxes for Scott County this city should put a few police officers to patrol neighborhood west of 74 north of Kimberly up Forest Road to combat all the vans/cars of people from Illinois to see for themselfs ....who MOST of them who TAKE candy arent even children and they dress up wearing black and holding out a plastic HYVEE grocery bags or a pillow case for candy maybe holding an infant who cant even chew ...this doesnt cut it for me. YES we will NOT be home once again another year to pass out candy to these pathetic MORANS who most are on goverment entitlements who cant get enough so they take take take!!! Ive lived in this neighborhood for 12 years and WE have had enough!! DAVENPORT HAS MADE US TAKE OUR CHILDREN/GRAND KIDS TO BETTENDORF AND OTHER TOWNS TO TRICK/TREAT on Halloween night as it should be!!!! Sorry to say I WONT be taking my children or grand children ever to PARADE I will BOYCOTT till there is a CHANGE!!! DAVENPORT RETHINK YOUR 1946 TRADITION we are now living in 2012 things need to chage with the times!!! " Happy Halloween!!"


Not to mention that the parade seems to be for Davenporters only, because the rest of the QC is busy trick or treating on the 31st. I have thought for YEARS that Davenport should stop messing around with trick-or-treat night.


Easy fix! Davenport should just do their parade on the eve of Halloween they would get more people to come see all their BIG trucks and floats the kids/adults work so hard to put together!!!!! We need to take back the OLD TRADITION of tricker treating on Halloween!!!

Dave Darby

I think nearly all of the commenters here are missing the point of the story. By having Trick or Treat on a different night than the other Quad Cities, it allows those that abuse the privilege to "double dip". Folks from Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, et al come to Davenport on the 30th and trick or treat, then go to their own towns the next night. I don't mind trick or treaters, but geeze, don't get greedy and go to other towns too. Keep it to your own neighborhood/city/state.


Keep it in your own neighborhood/city/state??? Really? It's trick-or-treating for pieces of candy. This is a once a year accurance. Give the kids a break and stop making such a HUGE deal out of such a small matter. There are alot of circumstances that could bring kids from "other" neighborhoods to "your" neighborhood. And do you NOT think kids from Davenport go to other towns as well? Sure there is a parade in Davenport, but I doubt all Davenport children go. Regardless of what the circumstances are, even if it is an addition night of having fun, why is this becomming such a HUGE deal? Is all I can say is I will take my kids where I want to, when I want to, regardless of where "my" neighborhood is. Because in my opinion, "my" neighborhood is "your" neighborhood.


Thanks for adding the meeting info to the story!


Well, just so all the fuddy duddy's know TRICK OR TREAT in Buffalo, IA is Oct. 30th from 6-8 we hope to see alot of kids. We enjoy seeing all the ghosts and gobblins come out! We will invite all kids.

And just a side note my son's bike was stolen last halloween and it was found the next day and I can guarantee that this little incident is not going to deter him in any way, shape or form! So I am just saying that just because there are some bad eggs out there they shouldn't ruin it for everyone. Most people enjoy this holiday!


You CANNOT be freakin serious right now?! Get over it. It's a choice to hand out candy, not mandatory. If you don't want to be bothered, DON'T participate. Seems like a pretty easy resolution to me. Simple as that.


All I'm going to say is this guy better hope that today's tech savvy kids don't figure out his address. If they do, I would guess that the steady stream of trick or treater's will be the least of his worries. News flash, people go to the neighborhood in question because it is a nice neighborhood. Many little kids don't live in nice neighborhoods where their parents can trust the people giving out candy... where decorations are pleasant... where the other people out are courteous, etc. There is no law that says you have to participate, so don't. I hope you take from mine and others comments how much of a stick-in-the-mud you are.


Get rid of the dumb REPORT ABUSE Button!!!!!!

pta mom

Grinches: turn out your lights if you don't want to treat. Buy cheaper or crappy candy--tootsie rolls are cheap, and no on likes those peanut butter kisses wrapped in orange and black wax paper.

City Council: have trick-or-treat time end at 7 pm.

Oh for heavens sakes, just turn the light off. Why don't the other cities co-ordinate with Davenport? Why do we have to change tradition to make a few grouchy people happy? Before Davenport set a one night rule we as kids would go two to three nights the week of Halloween. No one complained...there was always plenty of candy for all kids. We had so much fun!!!!! I do not have a problem with the one night rule. Just LEAVE IT AS IS....Did you ever consider that these children coming from other areas don't have much in their neighborhood. Think about that!!!!!


"How dare I continue to decorate my house, leave lights on where they can see, and avoid going elsewhere for a few hours. It must be their fault."


It seems like an easy solution to move the parade to the 30th so that more kids are able to both attend the parade and trick or treat in their area.




The story is not complete. When is the discussion being held, please include the next City Council meeting, which I assume is when this is being brought up. Although it's already too late for this year. I would like to participate in this discussion and will research it on my own but citizens can't attend/participate if you don't tell them when/where!!


In the story it says Council meeting is Weds. at 5:30


The "tradition" of sending out droves of potential vandals into quiet neighborhoods for the purpose of extorting something for nothing is certainly not worth preserving. One can accept the parade, though it does mock and depreciate one of the more sacred Feast Days of the Church. This is the 21st century; let's drop the stupidity of the Trick or Treat nonsense.

FYI - All Hallows' Eve initially incorporated traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead, particularly the Celtic Samhain. It was occurring way before christianity came into being.


You are right about one thing, it is a tradition. A tradition that I think once a year allows our children to use their imaginations (choosing a costume) and be spooked by ghosts and gobblins, and yes go door to door for candy. It is great fun for the kids and they have will have fond memories of these events for years to come. We have to quit taking away childhood. We try to make these kids grow up way to fast these days and I for one do not think it is a good thing for them.


How old are you? Apparently so old that you can't remember being young or having any fun. Kids aren't aware and don't care about the debatable origins of the holiday. It is merely a fun time for them. And for me too. I love seeing the little ones in their costumes. What happens to some people that makes them morph into crabby old crones? Here is a bit of a clue for you. Even the churches let the kids celebrate Halloween. They just combine the traditional holiday with the fun part for the kids. Lighten up, try hard to remember what being alive was like, all those decades ago. If it really chaps your *** that much, turn off your porch light and the kids will pass your house and go to the next one. Or maybe just buy your single bag of treats and turn off the light when you run out. As for me, I will enjoy it. I will give out treats and I will take my grandson around the neighorhood and have a blast looking at all the decorations.


So what do you suggest kids do on Oct. 30 and 31 then? Sit at home and do nothing?

That said, the solution to not having to deal with trick-or-treaters is quite a simple one: Don't turn on the porch light on trick-or-treat night. I thought that was the signal that the homeowner wishes not to participate.

If you can't put up with the noise, then leave for the evening (during trick-or-treat hours) and go to a quiet restaurant to relax, enjoy a nice meal and then return home afterward. (Even if you have to get up early, you're not losing THAT much sleep. If you need the sleep so bad, go to a hotel.)


Best you do some research, sguphysics. Samhain, known today as Hallowe'en, was co-opted as a feast day of the church to attempt to combat the hybrid pagan, celtic holiday celebrating the midpoint between Autumn and Winter. There is nothing sacred about it, nor has there ever been. Unlike Christmas, another celebration co-opted by the church, Samhain's traditions have managed to survive Christianity's efforts to quash it.


Christianity is NOT trying to quash it. There are a handful of fundamentalists who still fight against Halloween, but almost every church recognizes that it is now merely a fun time for children. You can stop your silly attack on Christianity.

stating that christians tried to ban halloween for hundreds of years is fact, not an attack on your church. Only half the churches recognize it as a fun time, the rest still have objections. You must not be aware of the facts.

It's pagan, Alphamale, as you've been told before, under your multiple names. Begone. Your kids are adults.

Quit arguing about everything, especially when you are cmopletely clueless to the topic.


Let the kids have there fun, yes, some come from other areas, and some of Davenport kids probably go to surrounding areas on there trick or treat night. The kids feel like its a bonus, double the candy! If you do not want to participate, turn your lights off, but do not ruin it for all the kids. Or if you only want to serve a certain number of kids then serve until your tired and quit. Not a big deal!


You darn kids get off my lawn! If you don't like handing out that much candy, then don't. You can not hand any out at all or just shut your light off when you run out. Don't be such a grinch!

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