A flurry of lawsuits claiming negligence and liability by the city of Davenport over sewer backups from heavy rainstorms in April and May brings the number of residents who are suing to eight.

Three lawsuits were filed Tuesday along with three on June 25, joining the original lawsuit filed May 30 by Ronald and Linda Wiebold, 525 W. Garfield St.

The lawsuits, filed Tuesday by attorney Mike Meloy, were on behalf of Nina Brooks, 516 W. Garfield St.; Daniel McDevitt, 2748 Scott St.; James and Jennifer Smith, 525 E. 32nd St,. and Michael Baker, 1336 W. 57th St.

Meloy also filed the June 25 lawsuits for Joseph Cobert, 510 W. Garfield St.; Diana Huffman, 524 W. Hayes St., and Rebecca Daniel, 502 E. 31st St. Cobert and Daniel had lived in their homes for at least 15 years.

"There is definitely going to be more," Meloy said Wednesday.

The lawsuits claim the city has failed to properly maintain its sanitary and storm sewer systems. Along with the city, Mayor Bill Gluba and Public Works director Mike Clarke are named as defendants.

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The city has received 75 claims from residents who received damage from sewer backups that resulted from the rain events.

Next week, the city council will vote on whether to create a residential sewer surcharge of $2 per quarter for a no-fault sewer backup claims program that would be retroactive to April 1. The average amount of the claims is $5,600.

Under the city plan, residents would be eligible for up to $7,500 annually for a damage claim for sewer backup as long as the resident signs a release of any claims for the incident and agrees to install a backflow preventer.

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