The city of Davenport has been awarded a nearly $3.7 million grant to rebuild a runway at the Davenport Municipal Airport.

U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, who announced the award of the grant, said Friday that it will improve safety, increase efficiency and boost usage of the airport.

The runway is badly in need of repairs, city officials say. The pavement dates to 1947 and is well past its 50-year lifespan, according to city documents.

The project's price tag is estimated at $6.4 million, with the city having budgeted $660,000 for the project in fiscal years 2012 and 2013. The federal government will pick up 90 percent of the cost, city documents state.

The work, which will begin this fall, will take a year to complete, Public Works Director Mike Clarke said.

It also will entail halting any incoming and outgoing flights while work is done at the intersection of the airport's two runways.

"We figure it's going to take a month to rework that intersection," he said.

Clarke did not know exactly when that will be done. He said Carver Aero, the fixed-base operator at the airport, will be consulted. But he said the city will seek to minimize the disruption by tailoring the contract to require that work be done around the clock and that bonuses be paid for meeting certain targets.

A public hearing on the project has been scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 226 W. 4th St. 

The reconstruction is not related to the airport's planned extension of another runway. An application has been filed with the Federal Aviation Administration to get federal money for the project, but that has not yet been acted upon.

The city had not planned for the extension until 2017, although it would like to begin land acquisition in the coming year.

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So it is a benefit to the rich and large corporations earned from the backs of the working man.


Since losing Airtran to competition with Delta for the Atlanta route, the prices for commercial airfare for business and personal travel have increased to the point where I have been driving to Chicago at often half the price. Which is grueling and frustrating. What can be done to get another airline to the QC Airport to make it viable for needs other than charter flights?


jl: This area just isn't big enough for regular jet service to major business hubs. We are a spoke airport that flies people to hubs like Chicago and Atlanta. Just not enough warm bodies in western IL/eastern IA plus the Cedar Rapids airport and Peoria airports compete with the QC airport for business.


You would be amazed at the amount of traffic that comes and goes through this airport. Most do not realize the city owns the airport. Quad City International handles mostly private and business aircraft and also received a large grant a couple years ago for runway reconstruction.

The airport provides a huge economic boost to area business and individuals. They also provide flight training and instruction. I can attest the runways are in need if some work and the extension would be desirable to business jets that frequent the airport. Take a look at the ramp sometime and count the amount if aircraft. They also provide emergency medical flights from this location.


Please define in detail "huge economic boost". How many business "jets" frequent the Davenport airport on a daily basis? How many QC companies have corporate aircraft operating out of the Davenport airport? Would they relocate to another region if the Davenport airport was closed? Does John Deere corporate aircraft operate out of Davenport or Moline? Facts and data please.

Fortuna facit libertas
Fortuna facit libertas

Why should your tax dollars go to repair roads and bridges when it is mostly private cars that travel them?


That is a false comparison - the majority of people own cars. The majority of people DO NOT own private planes. If this was a new bus for poor people, Righties would be screaming at the abuse of taxpayers dollars.

Family man

Well that is just a ridiculous comparison and truly shows you lack of any capacity for real thought.

Fortuna facit libertas
Fortuna facit libertas

Your debate skills are overwhelming.

What do you think all the taxes in aviation fuel and aircraft ownership taxes should be spent on?


I was wondering the same thing.

Family man

What flights come in and out of this airport? Forgive me if I am wrong, but isn't this mostly private planes that fly in and out of there? If that is the case, why should our tax dollars pay for repairs?

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