A former contractor at Deere & Co. begins his new part-time position Tuesday as the city of Davenport’s business development manager.

Tory Brecht, also a former journalist with the Quad-City Times, is “very excited about this new position but will miss all my fantastic colleagues (at Deere).” Brecht worked in Deere’s Global HR Communications through Volt Workforce Solutions.

Brecht will do research for economic development purposes, working to help existing Davenport business grow and to attract new businesses to Davenport, City Administrator Craig Malin said.

“This is a new position the council created in the current budget,” Malin said, adding that Brecht will report to Pam Miner, director of community planning and economic development.

“I believe Davenport is on the verge of some very exciting growth, and I can’t wait to be a part of it,” Brecht said. “I am passionate about working to make this already-great community even greater and look forward to hearing ideas from anyone and everyone about ways to help achieve that goal.”

His duties will include conducting on-site business visits and conducting data collection/analysis regarding existing local business to determine needs and business climate issues, according to a job description on the city’s website.

Additionally, he will market Davenport at local, regional and national trade shows, special events and company visits. He also will work with economic development coordinators, marketing and communications and other staff members to develop marketing strategies and materials.

Qualifications included a bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, marketing, economic and/or community development or a closely related field. Brecht earned a double-major bachelor’s degree in English and journalism and mass communications from the University of Iowa in 1993.

Brecht's salary is budgeted at $62,400 a year.

Brecht wrote about the city of Davenport for the Quad-City Times for several years.

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Tory gave me the best recommendations for taco joints and I've never been more content. Davenport is one lucky city! If you're ever in the CR area and need a discount on airline tickets, let me know.


Tory is a Davenporter through and through. He enjoys fine IPAs from the great northwest skiing on fresh powder and the occasional pick up game at the local gyms (he usually wears a cut off, and even broke a rim from a monster dunk).

If anybody can turn Davenport into the Seattle of the Midwest, it's Tory.


At least he can afford quality ranch dressing now. Congrats on not being a poor, brah.

ottumwan in texas

The Bilderbergs installed Tory into this position, but only after Rick Perry turned them down.


I think he will do an excellent job. I know him very well.


What an absolute joke. Tory never wrote an honest story for the Times in his life. Just another pay out like Steve Aherns.


Hel l its just money. 40K for him. 44 mil. for a casino. 100K to pay off Edelson. Davenport is rolling in dough. Spend it first ask questions later.

Mia's Mom

The Chamber of Commerce is supposed to attract new businesses. $41,000 for a p/t job doing what the Chamber does seems a little strange. Just saying...


isn't this part of Malin's duties?


$41,000 a year for a part time position?????


Do you think this is a lifeguard or something? 30 hours a week would be $26 per hour. That seems pretty reasonable for this level of a professional position that requires a four-year degree.

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