The building that since 1918 housed the Davenport Ice Co. at the corner of River Drive and Myrtle Street has been torn down to make way for a new retail development.

Dev Bastola, who owns the Sara Mini Mart convenience store at 1026 W. River Drive, across the street from the ice company building, bought the property in 2011. In 2012, Bastola purchased a warehouse standing at the corner of Myrtle and 2nd streets. It  also will be torn down.

He plans to turn the block into a retail area, possibly with a Thai restaurant.

“It’s a great location,” Bastola said. “It’s right across the street from Centennial Park, and if we do put a restaurant there, it will have an outside patio where people can look at the park and the Mississippi River.”

He doesn’t know what other retail outlets could be in the development.

Italo Milani of Rock Island is the architect for the project.

“It’s a big development,” Bastola said. “It’ll encompass about 16,000 square feet.”

Lohman Excavation and Demolition of Hillsdale, Ill., is clearing the sites.

Cassie Steffen, one of the Lohman operators helping to raze the old buildings, said Tuesday the crew still has to break up the foundation of the ice company building and haul away the debris. That work should be done within a couple of weeks.

Bricks from the old building will be used as fill, she said, adding that much of the old fill in the area is clam shells from one of the area’s button factories.

Bastola said the property will have to be built up about 7 feet to protect it from flooding, as required by city code.

“I’m hoping the city will do something with Myrtle Street here at River Drive because it floods badly,” he said.

Once the fill dirt has been brought it and is properly compacted, Bastola said a decision will be made on when construction can begin. That is expected to be sometime in May.

The Sara Mini Mart sells gasoline, and serves fried chicken and other foods at the Chester’s Fried Chicken located inside the convenience store. There also is a Subway sandwich shop.

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Now lets start working on all of the boarded up houses that are also an eyesore.


Does sound like a great idea, however, not for everyone. Unfortunately our newly opened business, Opening May 2013, Downtown Automotive & Customs is taking a huge hit when just informed that we have to relocate and our building will be torn down next April. Our landlord has sold this property out from under us and proceeded to lie about the sell until it has to be made mention giving us 6 months to have to relocate. Since we opened we have gained so many new customers and business and hate to have to move and everything we have done and installed including vehicle hoist. We were never included into anything of the decisions when in our first lease it stated we had first option to buy the property. When he came with a copy of the lease, the landlord had informed us he just needed it to provide to his bank and had changed the lease removing that option clean from the lease. As part of this new business, we all are very disappointment with the decisions made and the dishonesty we were given as business owners. With a promise we were going to be affected to sorry for you, its terrible. Its not easy to find such a great location when we are also trying to better Downtown Davenport and provide job opportunities! All we can do now is pray for a good outcome to this whole situation.


I remember buying ice there in the 1980s to keep a keg of beer cold. My mother has very fond memories. As a kid, her and her friends would congregate outside where the ice was being shaved on "saw-like" machines, according to her. She said the workers would give her and her friends little chunks of ice and the kids really loved it. The look on her face said it all...the good 'ol days.


Gonna have to do something to control the lot lizards, so it will not be a daily eyesore.

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