Davenport’s police union is seeking a three-year contract with a 3 percent pay increase each year, according to its initial offer to the city made during a brief meeting Tuesday.

The Union of Professional Police, along with the city employees’ five other bargaining units, are currently in a wage freeze. The freeze was part of an arbitration ruling earlier this year after the city and union couldn’t reach an agreement during contract negotiations.

The city’s five other unions are operating on three-year contracts that include a 1 percent increase in fiscal year 2014, followed by a 1.5 percent increase on July 1, 2014, and a 1.5 percent increase on Jan. 1, 2015.

The police are also seeking other concessions, including health insurance covering hearing aids and laser eye surgery, an increase in the uniform allowance, increased tuition reimbursement and special assignment pay, improved retirement health insurance and flexible shifts for certain divisions in the department.

The department has lost five officers through attrition since the budget process earlier this year. The city cut 30 positions across several departments in its current fiscal year budget.

No officials on either side would comment after the meeting.

The city will make its initial offer to police unions next week.

Scott County is currently in negotiations with its deputies and correctional officers. The Deputy Sheriff’s Association is seeking a two-year contract with a 2 percent pay increase each year, while the Teamsters, representing the correctional officers, is seeking a 5 percent pay increase each year of a three-year contract.


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Kurt, Please print the total cost of keeping every Davenport City Employee on the books for a year.

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