Despite an application for a Daytrotter sign on the Renwick Building at Davenport's 3rd and Brady streets, the Rock Island-based indie rock website's founder wouldn't say Monday that a move is imminent.

The application for a certificate of appropriateness to Davenport's Historic Preservation Commission for a backlit sign that matches the Daytrotter website's logo was submitted Nov. 26. It will be considered at today's commission meeting.

That wasn't enough to get a commitment from Sean Moeller, the website's founder.

"I don’t want to say we are moving into a place and it doesn’t happen," Moeller said. "It is 50-50 that it happens."

Rock Island Economic Development director Jeff Eder said he has been aware for some time that Daytrotter has been eyeing a move to Davenport.

Moeller conceded that a move has been considered.

"We’ve been there for eight years," he said of the downtown Rock Island location. "We’re kind of growing out of that space. We think we found a spot, but it is too early to say we’re moving in there."

Started as a free website but now a subscription site, Daytrotter draws up-and-coming bands to record at the website's Rock Island studio but added three other U.S. studios, one in Canada and another in London.

In July 2012, Amy Gill, president of Restoration St. Louis, owner of the Renwick Building, said there was a tenant for the Renwick's first-floor commercial space that would bring national attention to Davenport. She declined to comment Monday on Daytrotter.

The application to the Historic Preservation Commission was submitted by Restoration St. Louis, rather than Daytrotter, according to documents submitted to the city.

The $4.5 million renovation to the Renwick was completed earlier this year. The first apartment tenants moved in Aug. 1, Gill said. All 18 apartments are occupied.

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Mister Know It All
Mister Know It All

It looks to me like it's a done deal.

With the proximity to the Redstone Room, it will be a great match.


Big surprise, Eder and the RI admin just sit and watch another business walk out the door!

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