Democrats fill the North High School cafeteria in Davenport on Monday during the Democrat caucuses.

Despite a snowstorm that dumped several inches of snow across the state, Iowa Democrats said they exceeded their 2014 caucus turnout Monday night, with more than 9,000 people attending at sites across the state.

The party was finalizing reports from across the state on Tuesday, a process officials said would take several days. But they said attendance bested what it was four years ago and in 2010.

In an email late Monday night, Kevin Geiken, the party’s executive director, said turnout “demonstrates the excitement that is with our party this year.”

In Scott County, about 300 people turned out for the caucuses.

Republicans also went to caucuses Monday night, but a spokesman for the state GOP said Tuesday that attendance figures weren’t being released.

Attendance figures also weren’t available for the Scott County GOP by mid-afternoon Tuesday.

The precinct caucuses are the first step toward the state party conventions this summer. The caucuses kicked off the process to select convention delegates and precinct committee posts.

In addition, the parties have begun drafting their platforms.

The next step in this process is the county convention.

In Scott County, the Republicans will hold their convention on March 10 at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

Democrats will hold their county convention March 24 at Davenport Central High School.

After the county conventions, parties will hold district and, then, their state conventions.

The primary will be June 5, when parties will choose their nominees for the fall election.

One of the reasons the Democratic caucuses were busier this year than they are in a typical non-presidential year is that seven people are running for the party’s gubernatorial nomination.

If none of the seven gets 35 percent of the vote at the primary, then the delegates to the state convention will choose the nominee.