The Scott Emergency Communication Center board received assurances Thursday from the makers of a software that has troubled police officers since the dispatching center opened last year.

During a presentation at the board meeting, Jon Easterbrook, general manager of professional services for New World Systems, said he will work with with the center’s staff as the software is updated.

“I believe the input I received today and after meeting with SECC staff, we are very close to completing the system we were to provide,” he said. “I don’t want to over-promise, but we’re going to make this work for you guys.”

Easterbrook told the board that 330 bugs in the $2.7 million mobile reporting system have been fixed, with the most recent update installed in March. Three more updates are scheduled for later this year — this month, August and November.

Officers reported the loss of reports between squad cars and the records management system and that and required numerous restarts after the system went online last May. The first update to the system was done in January. A few weeks after the installation, center director Brian Hitchcock reported that it had solved major concerns.

Easterbrook’s positive report that didn’t stop board members from being skeptical.

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“We would like nothing more at the end of the project than to say we have a quality system,” Bettendorf Mayor Bob Gallagher Jr., said. “Let’s get there.”

A field reporting expert would be in Scott County next week to provide training for officers, Easterbrook told the board. That person is expected to work with officers in the field, too. Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba expressed interest in riding along with the trainer and an officer.