Rock Island Arsenal officials announced Thursday that the light indicating to Illinois drivers that the Government Bridge draw span is open to barge traffic has been repaired.

Drivers coming from the east on Illinois 92 will now see a new LED display sign. Those coming from the west on 24th Street will see a neon sign.

Repairs included wiring both signs to the same radio receiver that communicates with the bridge, indicating to drivers if the draw span is open or closed to vehicular traffic.

The project to repair the light began on Aug. 22 and was finished on Oct. 16. Officials said there was a delay while parts were on order.

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The repair included installation of the new LED sign and rewiring the neon sign to a new radio receiver. The sign now appears at the intersection's corner, rather than in the median where the former signal was exposed to damage from traffic accidents.

Repairs also included a new radio transmitter linking the light to the bridge, replacing a wired connection used in the past.

Rock Island Integrated Services was the contractor on the repair, with Davenport Electric Contracting as the installer.

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