Construction will begin soon on the second phase of a renovation project at Bettendorf Middle School, the school board decided this week.

On Monday, the board approved a bid of nearly $3.523 million from Swanson Construction in Davenport to complete the project at the 52-year-old school at 2030 Middle Road.

That estimate also takes into account architect fees, contingencies, surveying and asbestos abatement, among other costs.

The project will include enlarging the cafeteria, renovating the main office, adding a new secure entrance, adding special education and STEM/project classrooms and installing HVAC and air-quality monitoring equipment.

District spokeswoman Celeste Miller said construction should begin within the next seven to 10 days. It is expected to be completed by the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Superintendent Theron Schutte said the renovation is part of the district’s long-range facilities plan and the district began seriously talking about the project last year.

This summer, the district launched the first phase of the project. That work included turning the auditorium into three separate classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students, renovating the “Living Skills” classroom and upgrading the HVAC system in the wrestling room.

Schutte said the second phase of the project will be funded through sales tax and Physical Plant and Equipment Levy funds.

The next major project the district wants to complete is a renovation of the high school's TouVelle Stadium that will include new turf, a newly configured track and new lights.

Schutte said later phases of that project will include a renovated home concession stand, new entrance and plaza.

Schutte said he hopes to go out for bids on the project in December. He estimated the cost of the project at $3.5 million but stressed that the number is a “very preliminary cost estimate."

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I think you have a problem. My general feeling is you're t r o l l i n g this website. Well played.


I'm confused? It sounds like Bettendorf School District is being fiscally conservative and modernizing their facilities when time arises. I don't understanding the long drawn on speeches about sports. Oh well to each their own.




Hey Snowman, and hawkbettfan, GROW UP... Sorry I had a typo....Well when was the last time anything was done to make the football program better?????? What year??? And Sorry I got off task here.. But a lot of kids come to this school for sports.... It all comes down to what you want out of life.... just a normal one ...or something more????? I want the best for my kids...I might just pull them out of Bett... How many state titles do we have in all sports??? football being the most???? Think about it how many kids come to a science project?? Ok football games and the boosters? What's that bring in for the school??? The Performing Arts building what does that bring in????? Sits empty more then full... Do the numbers???? And I'm not yelling here.... How are the other sports programs in the Mac have been.... ????? The kids come here for the sports and Top Scout's come here to BETT........ Oh well there's need to be a lot of changes here at this school.... Any mistakes hawkbettfan????? blablablablabla


You can play sports and do other things. Sounds like you are living through your kids. High school is over dude. Move on with your life.

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And we see why we should worry more about academics over sports. Thank you for showing where priorities are in our public.

Comment deleted.

WOW - I can't follow your train of thought. Do you hold any reading comprehension? Also, it's Principal not Principle pretty easy mistake I suppose. And are you yelling here? Why are you so upset and where in the heck did baseball come into play. It's almost like you are driving down the road and see things and just without reason blurt them out. Seek help.

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