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While Davenport School Board member Clyde Mayfield has voted in favor of some actions related to the former J.B. Young K-8 School, he said on Monday that time has passed.

Mayfield was the only negative vote on two construction-related issues before the Davenport School Board, which met in a 30-minute session at the district's Administrative Service Center, 1606 Brady St.

Board members voted 4-1 to approve a bid to begin construction of a parking lot adjacent to Locust Street and to approve a second bid for a commercial-grade kitchen in what is now called the J.B. Young Opportunity Center.

The kitchen for the district's Pro-Start culinary program, and it's less than half of $1.5 million budgeted in a 10-year plan for ProStart, Superintendent Art Tate said.

Davenport has one of Iowa's most-recognized Pro-Start programs, which prepares students for post-graduation careers.

Board member Jamie Snyder questioned the district's construction project manager, Erik Page, about the equipment quality.

Page said most of the kitchen will have new commercial-grade equipment, although some is being repurposed from the food service that was present when J.B. Young operated as a K-8 school.

Mayfield said  he is done voting for J.B. Young bids because he fears a bigger administration center might mean more administrators to fill it. "I hope the administrators will be located where they are needed, strategically," he said.

A child's education is much more important than administrative offices. "I'm very concerned about the displacement of the kids," he said of the students who used to attend the school. "I see the pain each and every day."

The board also approved a bid of $706,039 to Needham Excavating of Walcott. This will start the new parking lot and landscaping project to the north of the building, adjacent to Locust Street. The design plan was endorsed by the Hilltop Campus Village organization.