CLINTON — Most elected officials in Clinton County will get a $2,500 pay raise as recommended by the Clinton County Compensation Board, while the recommendation for the county supervisors was lowered.

The panel — chosen by the elected officials — recommends salaries for the elected officials. The Clinton County Board of Supervisors can accept the recommendation or lower it, but cannot increase it.

County board member Brian Schmidt said the compensation board tries to get the salaries close to the county rank in size of 11th, but even with the increase, most the elected officials will be below that ranking. Schmidt said the board of supervisors is close at No. 12 in salaries and suggested lowering the county board recommended increase to $1,000, which would be about a 3 percent increase.

The suggestion was approved by the supervisors on a 3-0 vote.

With the $2,500 increase, the salaries starting July 1, 2013, would be:

Attorney — $101,438

Auditor — $63,328

Recorder — $61,593

Treasurer — $62,292

Sheriff — $83,875

With the $1,000 increase, the county board members would be paid $38,504, with the chairman receiving $39,704.